Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Felix Doolittle Did a Lot

I am fond of watercolor. One of my favorite watercolorists is Virginia Fouche. Another favorite is George Simmons. Their styles are dramatically different yet both are masters of the medium. I'm not. That doesn't stop me from buying copies or even originals of what I cannot do. 

I often try my hand at making stationery. In an attempt to be clever I printed my own postage to match my postcards. The ranunculi are from my own back yard. The pens are mine as well. Just a Note was the name of my little Etsy store. Ha. Ha. 

I believe in supporting artists; no artist should ever starve! They are replicators of the world around them and deserve support. I also believe most art looks good as notecards, so that might explain why I have boxes and boxes of pretty stationery that will never see the inside of a post office. I buy singles too. This one was of many I bought last year when they were on sale at Whole Foods Mkt, of all places. The warmth of the earth tones got to me. Felix Doolittle is just that good. He encourages us to "write often." As if we need encouragement, huh? Still and all, I like that he said it. 

I like knowing that the artist, Felix Doolittle did a lot. He taught me something. Truth is, I bought this card thinking the image was an old fashioned stapler. Seriously. Imagine my dismay when I discovered the messed up type at the bottom. What? Why didn't I see that last year? No wonder they were on sale!!! See me jerk Felix's lovely little cardfrom the clear envelope, flip the back to front, scan-scan-scan. . . See my shamefaced grin? (GRIN) Does "dot dot dash"really mean "I miss you?" 

It's time to release this one.

Find Felix Doolittle here:  felix doolittle. If I were as good as Mr. Doolittle I would charge less to sell more. 

Sincerely sincere dash dash dot dot dash dash


P.S. The pocket mirrors are just right for lipstick-red-red-lipstick-wearing letter writers!


  1. Do you have Trader Joe's there? They have a terrific line of cards -- for only $1 each. Very charming. I'm just saying. And you had an Etsy store? Why didn't I know that?

    1. I finally discovered a Trader Joe's! It's in an awkward to get to place, so I've never managed to inside the shopping center. It's on my to-do list for the summer though. Thanks for the heads up.

      Yeah, I had an Easy store once. I did it because friends and family kept telling me to. It died a natural death. LOL.

  2. I am fond of watercolor also but I'm not a great painter. I bought some watercolor pencils a year or two ago and have barely used them. Perhaps you could give me an idea of how I should start out using them. Grapes, perhaps? :-)

    1. There's something special about watercolor isn't there? It refuses to be controlled and is as addictive as chocolates. I've never tried watercolor pencils. :) My best art teachers taught me to never give up because you never know when you'll break through. So if I were you, I'd go for it again.

      Grapes sound good! My own are rotting on the vine because I cannot harvest them. I take your choice of grapes to have meaning. Please send me a copy of your finished painting? I'll send you one of mine. :)