Friday, June 10, 2016

Colorful SIGNS of the Times

T'was amother rainy day in Katy. No-no-no! It was another dark and stormy day in Katy. Two fools played basketball in Houston's crazy traffic. There was a shoot-out in Dallas. A plane literally dropped from the sky. Muhammed Ali was laid to rest. What a day. 

A sudden flash of red turned things around! This little fellow played hide and seek with me all week. Had me imagining he was a purple finch! He's stunning--a mere youngster. Lipstick Red is what I call him. There's even red in his beak. Red likes peanuts. Is it so hard to believe I took 358 photos of him on his own? The one mourning dove was purely collateral bounty. Such is the stuff my letters are made of.

The good Mrs. Duffy asked what I've been reading. In her lovely hand. Thank you for asking, Mrs. D. I cannot tell a lie. The Lemonade War has the number one position in my bedside stack. It was a Christmas gift for Alexis, but since I couldn't get into wrapping, I decided to read it instead. Besides, the type is so large I can read without glasses. Honestly? It was the lemon yellow hook that caught me. While I love dove gray days, and rain, I crave sunlight.

Thank you, dear Angela. What a lovely sunlight high note! Yellow bursts of color, a yellowish Pentel pencil I hadn't seen in months, and a yellow rubber band! All good signs. Signs of summer? Hey! Signs that say I live to write another day. 

Slump? So over the hump. A victorious fist pump. Bump? (With my left hand no less.) Oh, I wish you could see!  . . . No? Oh, okay.

I've shared my yellow highlights instead. By the way, I colored all the postcard lemons last night. Tonight I'll write. 



  1. Replies
    1. Girl, they had to. I got tired of looking down. :)

  2. oh dear I'm so glad to see you again and I have been so lost without you but I am living and moving and grooving . I hope to get a letter soon as I have so much to blab to you about . see you soon in the da box ....

    1. Hey! I imagine you working with your tomatoes and flowers in the sunshine! Thanks for your mail. You have several mail IOUs to collect as soon as I am up to snuff.

      Be well.