Thursday, June 9, 2016

Calling All My Girls!

June 9, 2016

Dear Friends,

So, I had a doctor appointment yesterday. Things went south in a hurry. I hate it when I cry. For me, tears are a sign of hopelessness and frustration. The nail in the coffin was doc ordering a test for rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors have been trying to make me "have" it since my thirties, so I rarely mention it when new a new doctor takes my medical history. Just because my grandmother and most of her daughters had/have it does not mean I will! 

By the time JC wheeled me downstairs to the lab, I was depressed and willing to accept the possibility that I might have developed it since last year. You never know. In my heart I knew doc was wrong though. Guess what. Lab results prove that I do not have rheumatoid arthritis. And guess what else. The antibody test is negative too! So, yes! 

However, she did call in a prescription for Vicodin. I'm allergic to codeine, and it's so noted in my medical chart. Our good pharmacist called to warn me, and she offered to call doc to suggest an alternative pain medication. I said "No, its okay. But thank you." I have a feeling do'c is probably tired of me. One more bitter pill morphed into one big lemon. Old Negativity whispered into my ear, with a sarcasm-ladened sneer, "Pucker up, buttercup." Aha! I did not pull the covers over my head and cower in bed. I took the advice on a tea towel cum designated dip pen nib wiper instead. After a few photos and an easy print job, I grabbed my version of vodka aka tea, a ZIG fine tip marker, my Y15 Cadmium Copic, and hello! 

Postcards!  It will take the rest of my evening to color all the lemons, the rest of the week to write to y'all on back, add stamps, coax JC into not reading them before he mails them. . . and before we know it, Bob's your auntie! You'll have mail! 

Houston, the depression has lifted!

Sincerely sincere,


P. S.  Erin and I bought a bunch of these tea towels when they were on sale at Aaron Bros. last year! "One never knows, do one?"


  1. I like your postcards. I haven't made any for a while, but I feel inspired now.

    1. Thank you, Anna. You inspire me on many levels. Your letters sustained me when I could not write in return.

      Postcards are an easy way to get back into corresponding. My writing muscles have atrophied from disuse. I should practice more, huh? :)

      I hope I'll be a beneficiary of you renewed inspiration. Your views are always unique.

      Be well.

  2. I love your spirit -- and I love those postcards. I'm on my way over and I've got CA lemons.
    xo Hang tough, friend.

    1. You are kind and generous, Pamela. I'm glad you cannot see me at my lowest, because I do go under sometimes, and I feel such shame since I know better. I've got a lot of nerve thinking I'm impervious to all the downsides to being human. Someone I love reminded me that I need others, and the only time I act like I get it is when I cannot fend for myself and am reduced to realizing it. :)

      Your "guiltless mail" worked wonders for me. I'm sure you know guilt spurs even the dying to answering mail. LOL. Guilt is often disguised as a boost of motivation, right? No matter what I want to call it, it works. Thank you for thinking of me and for including me in your mail-outs.

      I'll leave the front door unlocked for you! :)

      Be well. I'll be back.

    2. Outgoing guiltless mail went out today. And you should never, ever feel shame about doing your best to get through life.
      I'll sneak quietly in the front door with my bag of lemons.....xo

  3. I love it !!!! So glad the fog has lifted and I have so much to tell you and so glad you don't have the dreaded big A as it is known around here cause I do have it unfortunately found out last year as well . But I'm blessed so I'm not stressed . Love to my sista from another mistah ,,,,.

    1. What's the big A my friend? Not a big ass, I hope. Mine is wasting away. LOL.

      You be well.

  4. Pamela! Thanks for the fun mail! You're like a magician! :D