Thursday, October 22, 2015

"We Care" or "Passing the Buck on More Bad Luck"

I knew there was another problem the moment I saw the back of the envelope. "Uh-oh," I thought. "The Mangler struck again."

The odds of being mangled increase with each piece of mail I send. I send a lot of mail. Probably too much, since I often forget what I've sent, written, and received. "WE CARE." 

Curious, I actually read the entire message. I wanted to know what they cared about. Here's what they said:  


I want to extend my sincere apology as your Postmaster for the enclosed document that was inadvertently damaged in handling by your Postal Service. (My postal service? Hmm. If it is my postal service, why am I not allowed to have a say in how it works?)

We are aware how important your mail is to you. With that in mind, we are forwarding it to you in an expeditious fashion. (They are forwarding it to me? Aren't they simply returning it???)

The United States Postal Service handles over 202 billion pieces of mail each year. While each employee makes a concerted effort to process, without damage, each piece of mail, an occasional mishap does happen. (Sure sounds like you're blaming the victim in a backhanded fashion. *sigh* I'm probably wrong.)

We are constantly working to improve our processing methods so that these incidents will be eliminated. You can help us greatly in our efforts if you will continue to properly prepare and address each letter or parcel that you enter into the mailstream. (The problem had nothing to do with preparing and addressing my postcard. I wonder if this happens to some of the billions of SPAM postcards sent my way.)

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding and sincerely regret any inconvenience that you have experienced. (Well, if this is true, a free stamped postcard would go a long way toward making amends. I've decided to start a drawer for mangled mail, seeing as how I've gotten more than my fair share this year, last year, and the year before. Perhaps it's time I start using my Postal Service less often?)

(My postmaster can't give his/her name? Oh, my.)

Me Passing the Buck

Dear friend, 

If you are reading this, and if you have the better half of this postcard, please reply here. I will send this slice free of charge, postage paid, and gratitudinally. I will pay the queenly sum of one dollar American for your half if you don't want it.

Sincerely sincere,

P.S. Mailstream. A lovely word that conjures streams of air mail, mail creeks and rivers of mail, mail dams, mail falls, mail rapids . . . 

When's the last time you got the WE CARE letter? *sigh*


  1. #sad #putyourmoneywhereyourmouthispostalservice

    1. Aw, gee. I don't Twitter. Tweet? Thanks though. :)

  2. yes junk mail should receive the same treatment , don't you ? I do indeed . I received your lovely letter and wrote an answer back . well we are delayed again according to my bank aka lender the floods have put our closing back again and I'm at a loss as to when we will be moving . I cannot imagine when our moving date will be since the lender could not give me one . So keep writing at the last addy you have until further notice . Oh well change , change , I'm hoping thanksgiving will be in our new house but who knows ....

    1. Thanks for your letter. :) And comment!

  3. Actually I got one just the other day packaged by postNL with a note in Dutch. The damaged postcard still made it all the way to me!

    1. Good for you! Wow. I wonder what happened to my card's other half.