Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Twenty Pieces of Me Mail

One piece. I do believe there were two of these in the book. Or am I just hoping, really  hard? Improbably hard?

We know there are six of these, right? So, 6 + 1 = 7.

Plus another 6 = 13. We're counting down from brown to the purple only.

Add 7. Get 20. Good math skills!

There's 1 box, for . . . Let me see . . . 21!

Put a large envelope with . . . Oh. The envelope counts as a 1 that's already been added, for a grand total of 21 pieces of mail ready to go out tomorrow! Slow and steady is a pretty good pace. In the end, it wins the race when you're not playing against the clock. Letter-writers rock! 

Peek a boo! I see me a Minion. I want to collect them all! So I bought two in order to share 1. The math on that is 1+1=2-1=1 for me, and 1 for ye. No flash cards required.
Don't you like these little Minions? Have you seen their movies? I know you wanna ask me a question, so go ahead and ask.

String and twine are not allowed on packages or a box. So what? There's no rule against wrapping it around a gift that's inside the box!  So. Wrap on. 

Not much compares to a lovely font, script, or hand. Doesn't this remind you of Middle Eastern calligraphy? It's from a CD cover on iTunes. I took several photos of the font, but took no notice of the artist(s) or songs, aside from the apparent clue available, The Chemical Brothers. What kind of name is that? Born in the Echo? The spikes make me think of EKGs. Anyone familiar with the group? I sure wish I had designed that font. The S almost feels defiant. It doesn't quite fit, does it? But then again, it does. It's presence is just as unusual as the font itself, so maybe that's why it works. Or annoys. Do you like? Yea? Nay? Meh?

Okay again, I forgot to carry a 1, making my title total a 21. What's in your out box?

Write on.


  1. Yes! First thing I thought when I saw that shot -- looks like middle eastern calligraphy! Cool. And pretty soon I will be seeing it up close and person -- I'm off on a trip. And before I leave -- I will be mailing something to you!

    1. :) It looks like a beautiful cipher, doesn't it? Wow. Where are you going??? Business or pleasure? Will you send me a postcard if you can? How long will you be gone? Yea! I like "somethings!" Thank you. :)

      I've had to resort to using Chrome's browser again. Maybe it's time to answer all comments from my iPad? Keyboards are quicker. :)

      Have a safe, fun, foodful trip! :)

  2. you sound like those capital one people asking what's In your wallet ? LOL I love it . nice post looks like you got a lot of fun mail . I have been missing my fun mail . well take care my dear and be watching your mail box there should be something in there from me . take care and stay safe .

    1. LOL! I should talk out my comments first. I tell myself I'm immune to commercials, but I guess not, huh? :) I posted all that mail except the packages. The post office had closed by the time I made it through an hour and fifteen minutes of rush hour traffic that normally takes less than 30 minutes, which means another postal run is on for tomorrow. There was good mail in my POB though! :)))

      Oooh! Cat Mail! Thank you, ma'am! I still have about 7 more letters to answer. Okay, there's more than 7, but who's counting? :) Answering is easy except I'm long winded. :( It took three pages to answer a single paragraph from one letter.

      Hope your weather forecasts are improving. Be safe.

  3. No wonder you relate to bees...busy busy busy!!

    1. For real! :) Letters are often long conversations for me. Answering takes up most of my creative time, but I do my best to answer every letter, no matter what. My "best friends" pen friends put up with me and forgive long lapses between replies, and I appreciate it. I try not to "whine" too much about pain and a trembling pitching arm, but sometimes I want to explain why it takes so long to answer. The steroid injections aren't working any more, so I'm trying to get my act/studio together (organized), and put off surgery until after the holidays.

      Thanks for entertaining me. I still don't know why Blogger won't allow me to post my own replies in response to comments left on my blog or any Blogger blog. That's a tongue twister! Answering on my iPad isn't easy, so I'm using Chrome. I'm ready to switch over to Typepad any day now. :)

      Thanks for visiting. I'm in love with your neck of the world. It's beautiful! We don't have much winter here, so blogs like yours are a sight for sore eyes. We loved watching the aspens turn, getting out the winter gear, snow, and Erin even learned to ski, when we lived in Colorado. It stays green here pretty much all winter except for the last two.

      How clever, what you did with the spool! The crows are so cute. We had another hawk attack in the backyard the other day. The only thing left were feathers and one foot. And . . . I don't know what the other objects were, but I'd like to send you a photo to show you what I mean. It will save your eyes from having to read more of this. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! It doesn't take much to smarten up a plain envelope, does it? :)