Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Pathway to Your Mail Box is Paved with Good Intentions

A bagful of mail went out. I forgot to count it all, but it was a lot. Here's  a shot of box number one. I like to use the rolled paper designed for a child's art table--the kind moms attach to the end of the table, and the kid just scrolls until the roll empties. Ichat's a whole lot of drawing! It's a lot of wrapping paper too. I get to draw on mine.  Drawing on wrap paper is a cool. Not this time though. Washi tape does a fine job of embellishing too. 

This Barnes & Noble-bag-wrapped package was as much fun to tape down as shaking a couple of gourds, and dancing! These three are aptly named, "Shake, Rattle, n Roll." 

Drawing on the fly is fun. A quick dip, a quick nip, a quick snip . . . K.I.S.S.-ing is about as good as "less is more." This almost cost as much as three lattes to mail! 

I finally got to use a pair of the angel wings I've hoarded. 

An envelope that's the color of pomegranate juice says "Fall!" too, y'all.

And then there were these.

To use as I please. I chose to share. I did halvies with another Minion fan. Here's hoping they get there in time. 

These guys are one of my secret embellishing treasures. They're a pure, unadulterated pleasure! 

See what I got! Bought it for myself I did. I'd collect them all if I could.

Isn't this one perfect and cute? 

They dress up the back of any envelope.

Drew Carey, right?

It doesn't take much to have fun. Inspiration is often a pencil tip away. The gourds are from my garden. They're nice and dry now. I named the trio on the patio "Shake," "Rattle" n "Roll" because that's what they do. Yes, one always manages to roll onto the floor. 

All in all, the pathway to your mail box is paved with good intentions, quick draws, and fun. I forgot to take pictures of the pathway linings that came my way today! Oh, happy day! It's back to the drawing board for this limner-ee. 'Tis time to pave more postagepaths between me and thee! Write on.

Forgive the bad rhymes. I'm happy because I got my envelopes for the exchanged mailed on time! *wicked grin*

Write! Write! Write, with all your might!


  1. you are a work of art and I just love when everyone sees it especially my mail person and he comments on it . He says we are awesome by the way .

  2. Your Halloween mail is fantastic - loving all the minion-related stuff - must go out and buy minion stickers!!
    And thanks for adding my blog to your list!

    1. The envelope exchange got my mojo up and running again. Having fun is a wonderful thing, even if one has a painful pinched nerve in their pitching arm. :) The art might not be the best any more, but it sure makes you feel good doing it.

      I like those little Minions so much. They're like the inner bits of ourselves we try to pretend are too adult to play any more. I say, "Banana! Make yellow!" :) I'm already looking forward to what they'll do next. :)

      You're welcome. I had no idea it was you until recently. I like to think I follow the best of the blogs I discover. Wish I knew where to find more. But only if they're great. :) Your's happens to be one of the blogs I'm entertained by. So, thank you.