Friday, October 30, 2015

Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes I Won't

Do you read the same blogs day in and day out? I guess day out means at night. But do you ever want to add fresh bloggers to your tried and trues? Are you annoyed frustrated with bloggers who abandon their blogs without announcing their intent? Do dead links and abandoned blogs you've added to your list of favorites bite the dust? Do you remove the dead links, dead blogs, and blogs with more ads than content? Seriously. I wonder because I do. And now that I've gotten that out of my system, I won't feel like such a nut.

I'm happier too. I drew my final pumpkin for the season! No more exploding pumpkin guts! Hooray for the orange and black!

I like the little poem by Aileen Fisher. So I put it on the front. 

I forgot to include something in the package, so you know I had to try for a matching envelope, and the stamp just worked on its own.

The back of an envelope always has a lot of space for those of us who love a blank canvas. Besides, no one wants to waste perfectly good space, right? Work it!

Guess what. There's nothing pumpkin about this beyond the coincidence of color. It just happened to be an orange envelope with an orange matching card inside, and the perfect swan song to the upcoming holiday. 

And then there was this. I want to hold on to it but should just send it on its way. And I meant to do that today, but getting in the car and driving so far just wasn't happening. It'll be a day late, but I enjoyed reusing a bubble wrap envelope. I took my jumbo Copic marker and swiped a few passes over the surface, and wallah-wallah-wah! Such character, yes? It's prettier in person, so please try it at least once. It works only with a great big Copic though. What peeks back at you is mesmerizing, so hurry and mail it before you get spooked!

I settled down long enough to pen a little note. Some things won't wait. I've misplaced my stash of From Me to You stamps, but Charlie Brown came to town and saved the day. The new washi is from Hobby Lobby. It has a peculiar odor, so beware in case you want to try it. There's something new I'd like to share. Tomorrow, if I remember. The new season is blowing in, loud and clear. I donned my orange hoodie and hugged it for warmth on my way to get the mail. The air was warm! The wind's just playing tag with the willow. The willow's dancing with glee, while the staunch oldish oak completely ignores the breeze. 

The little white daises have all turned a lavender tint. Ant rebuilt nurseries above ground to avoid the wet left by recent rains. They love the raised bed. I'm annoyed because they've bedded in the narrow opening up through the back of the back step and into a corner pace between the back and storm door. Inside! October is spider month too, so they're seeking shelter indoors as well. All the while making my life a little hell. Thick white clumps of threads aka spider mobiles, that look like Silly String blow through the air with spiders on board. I hate it when they land on me! They'e like the boll weevil, "Just a lookin' for home." I'm sending out signals that warn, "There's no room at this inn. And, hey! By the way, this ain't no inn!"

It's getting easier to sit and write. I get to catch up to myself with time for after dinner tea. Oh! Goodness me! Wait until you see what came today in the way of tea! So many good things await to be shared between me and thee. Let us write through the fall and winter with delight. Perhaps if we do, we won't miss summer's bright light . . . too much. 


  1. oh yes we close Monday and we move Friday my dear and we are so happy . a very big relief that our money will be going to something other than rent it will be going to our home . finally .

    1. Hallelujah then, girl! I lost 6 pounds worrying over you and your house. LOL. Congratulations!

      Be happy!!!

  2. Great tip on creating visual interest on a bubble mailer - love that effect.

    1. Necessity is still the mother of invention. :) I reused a mailer and parts were crumpled, so Imagination rode in to the rescue. :) I hope you'll give it a try. Simply run a large Copic marker over the surface every so lightly. Check. Repeat as necessary. :)

      Glad you liked it.

  3. in answer to your question, do you ever add fresh bloggers? yes, today i am adding you to my list on my blog. :-)

    1. Well, howdy-hey! I'm awfully glad you do too. And thank you. :)

      I think you're great. I learn a lot from the envelope exchanges.

      Be well.

  4. Ok so you abandoned your blog then?