Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Finding Your Mojo

If you ever think you've lost your mojo, pretend you're not looking for it. Just do something else, and watch it find you. That's how I found my magic spider earrings before Halloween. And remember, mojo needs you as much as you need it. I mean what's mojo on its own? 

I let my mojo wander off the other day, all because I didn't believe I could draw, color and send a batch of Halloween cards before the 'ween. I said to myself, "Who wants a Halloween card on November 1, 2, or 3?" I said back, "Not me." Then I had an epiphany like the people on tv. You know what I mean. Remember the V-8 commercial that always reminds you of motor oil? 

Well, I took my lap desk, a single pencil, my case of Copics, a stack of envelopes, and some Zentangle Tiles to bed with me, then went to town. Before I knew it . . . Oh, and a packet of ATCs. Before I knew it, I'd done one letter of the alphabet, two Halloween cards, and two envelopes! 

Here's the back to match the five little pumpkins on the first envelope. I tell you true when I tell you this: Make sure you know what you're drawing when you draw. Can you see my mistake? I know the back end of a gate. I see one every time I visit the backyard.  But, wow, there it is. As plain as night. 

Deliberate mistakes are more fun than accidental mishaps! "The magic candle casts a different shadow. It is not made from simple tallow. Or wax," for that matter. No wax! Where's the wax? And the rest of the story I wrote for the back?

Embellishing the back was just as much fun. "Let there be night!" "No! Light! Banana yellow light! Light!" said the little yellow Minion. I forgot to add the night. *sigh* It's okay, 'cause strange things happen on Halloween.


  1. You made me laugh with delightful abandon because you caught me off guard. "I was crazy for Hocus Pocus!" You are the only other person I know who's watched it too. And liked it. :) Bette is the best witch in the west!

  2. Oh, those earrings! I love 'em! Yes, I've lost my mo jo.

    1. I found them without even looking for them, them carried them around in my pocket for two days without losing them. Now I just need to clean them. They're from the early 90s! The miracle is I still have them. :)

      I think your mojo is just resting. Honest. ;) Don't let the sun go down on it, girl. Coax it out and back. :)