Thursday, October 29, 2015

Down to the Barbed Wire

The counter clerk who waited on me yesterday asked if I wanted to buy stamps to help find the cure. Although I wonder why 80 million dollars has done it by now, I bought the stamps. I used the first three last night. Two went on this envelope.

Since I'm down to the wire, I hope this one counts as a Halloween card.  Two days to go and I'm booking it to the post office again today. I didn't make it half-way through my address book. Sorry.

This favorite from the collage was a simple, non-Halloween postcard. 

I declare this to be my last official Halloween screamer. May it arrive in time. It went down to the wire, and looks the worst for wear and tear.



  1. thank you , you always make me smile . I love it . yep I think my fave Halloween movies are hocus pocus and silver bullet . LOL ...I try and watch those two every year .

    1. I have no idea how this ended up in another post. I blame Blogger. :)

      You made me laugh with delightful abandon because you caught me off guard. "I was crazy for Hocus Pocus!" You are the only other person I know who's watched it too. And liked it. :) Bette is the best witch in the west!

  2. Hahaha! I watch Silver Bullet too. All those sill men shooting each other is too funny. Reading the story was more fun though. Carrie is the only book-to film story that came close to matching the author's vision, IMO. I read everything King wrote up until Dolores Clairborne. :)

    Thanks for the scream down memory lane. :)