Friday, October 9, 2015

. . . Continued

Surprise! It survived the Pond Crossing. 

Remember this? Thank you, Anna. The envelope is as soft as suede. It's as fragile as it feels, yet it survived the crossing.

Aw, gee. I feel like Queen Bee being re-crowned. It's a bee-u-ti-full envelope. Thank you.

The stamps. The stamps. The stamps.

The humor, too.

The other envelope! Interesting calligraphy, yes? And all the colors. Enough to fill a Crayola Crayon box.

More beauty. I love oak trees.

And mystery.

Clippings and articles that don't cost a thing--yet mean a lot. Such joy, and good things that evoke laughter! 

And a trio of washi, that brings me back to the wishi in wishi-washi. Little B was on sale! I think. It had to be, or I would not have gotten it. I buy most of my washi tape when it's on sale. Thrifty me. I just have to hope I'll remember the hearts come February. 

Texas Art Supply did good. I like the blue cutters. Do they have a proper name? (Cutting edges?) And I won't remove the tapes from the dispensers, and tuck them in the washi drawer. I have a better idea. If it works, I'll share.

I like mail washi. I especially like washi because it's tacky enough, but not it's truthfully not tacky enough for everything. You know what I mean.

Being a little tacky is great. It allows me to reposition the strips when I need to. But it is not tacky enough to survive travel, and remain intact. So. Here's a trick that helps a lot. Burnish, burnish, burnish! 

I have almost as many burnishers as I have letter openers. Remember when Letraset was cool? There were even cooler burnishing tools! My first one is still around somewhere, but Popsicle sticks are cold diehards. There's even a plastic variety. 

Repeat. You can never have too many burnishers.

In a pinch? The end of a letter opener is a cinch.

Rub-rub-rub! Rub-a-dub! Pardon the bit of clay on the tip of rubber/clay tool.

Even E-xact knives can serve double duty. Burnish your wishy-washy wishi-washi to keep it bee-u-ti-full! Use the end, my friends! The end!

Burnish well and your ends won't bend. Or roll, or curl. A real good burnish will  helps slow washi-end-furl. We don't want no Shirley Temple curls! This is beautiful washi, yes? Sweet hearts and birds. Yes, very, very pretty, Anna, girl!

When burnishing alone just won't do? This is what I do. I run a fingertip over the end bit, and if it snags or unfurls, I reinforce. A little Matte Scotch Magic Tape is just the thing! It doesn't take much. Use just enough to secure the start and finish. If you overlap, one little piece will do. It's like the old Brylcream commercial said, "A little dab'll do ya!" Burnish the top a tad, just in case. 

And one last thing . . . Remember me touting the new Kleenex packaging? Well, I'm sorry to say this, but the package is better than the contents. The tissues are thinner-smaller-less than stellar. You get less for more. The package is better than the tissue. Achoo on you, Kleenex!


  1. I love it achoo on you Kleenex LOL are the queen of the quips for sure . Now we are playing the waiting game until closing on the house . and I must say I am happier with this house than the last one . Much more room and bigger yard and you know what that means ?, yes more tomatoes and fresh greens .....

    1. Well, shame on them too. The product is grossly inferior and cold season is near. Tissues replaced handkerchiefs, remember? Aren't you glad you don't have to wash and iron those darlings these days? :) And tissues are more sanitary, if disposed of properly.

      Congratulations. :)

  2. Don't forget to cover the blade if you use your exacto!!! Love washi tape...good tip with the burnishing!

    1. Correct! If one isn't handy--they always seem to come up missing--I'll stick the blade in a ball of kneaded eraser. The knives always seem to roll off the desk too. Have you ever had one nick your thigh? :)

      Washi is about as mind blowing as Post It Notes. Being able to reposition washi is a major plus.

      I've burnished for ages, so I don't know why I didn't mention it earlier. Losing washi from envelopes is preventable, which makes me happy, because I like to keep mail intact for posterity. :)

      More mail is headed your way. A letter takes roughly 13 days to get to you by my reckoning. "Why so long" I wonder.

  3. Thanks for the burnishing hint on keeping washi down...I worry about that and really need a better plan than covering everything with packing tape in a last minute panic! :)

    1. You are welcome. I burnish certain Scotch tapes--especially mattes, clear packing tapes--to improve visibility, and a thin line of bookbinder's glue works well too. I imagine postal employees getting upset with us if weever "gum" up the works with loose tape ends.

      I'm laughing with you on the packing tape excess. I use more when it's really humid or raining. It protects addresses! No matter what. :)

      Thank you.

  4. You always have so many neat tools to share, and your play on words are so witty. Great post.

    1. JarieLyn, some days I think of writing thank-you notes to the instructors at the Art Institute, because they taught us so much more than anatomy, drafting, and ad design. :) I learn almost as much through trial and error, and improvising. So thank you! Letter writers don't seem to mind sharing what's in their arsenal, do they? I learn a lot from all the mail blogs I follow and subscribe to. :D

      Be well.

  5. That envelope looks so tatty, like it was dragged all the way to your house! I'm glad you liked the clippings. I thought that wasp item was very interesting.

    I like your washi tape. I'm finally starting to see some interesting washi rolls here. I thought they would never get here! Looking for tape and embellishments here is like panning for gold.

  6. Anna, your envelope is a survivor! :) The contacts arrived intact. The wasp is one of my favorite images! Thank you, all over again.

    The first time I bought washi, I had no idea what role it would play in my creative bouts, or what it was designed for, but some part of me knew. One great thing about it is there's always something new and different, so we won't all end up using the same tapes. Washi will never be boring! Postal themes get equal billing these days--even in art and craft stores! Washi from other countries are some of my favorites. Different is fun. You have cool washi! :)