Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Satisfactory Saturday Well Lived

Last night was a dark and stormy one. Rain tapped, tapped, tapped against my window pane, bringing back scary memories of Halloween Eves past. Wind blew, there were no howls, nor hoots by great white owls--but there were occasional high pitched whistles, and screams ,from old black and white scary movie scenes. I wrote three letters instead of ghost stories. I drew no pumpkins though! I've had my fill. Around midnight I fell asleep and slept like a woman with a good clean conscience.

I awoke to a damp overcast morning sky. All gun metal gray and white. It's been an easy, breezy, forget-about-housework day, so I grabbed a hoodie, and off I went. East this time. A duplicate markers went back to Hobby Lobby. A return. A refund! 

Off to Barnes & Noble. The makers of Flow lied. The new issue is not in stores! Not here anyway. Since I was there just yesterday, I decided to stay a spell. So I bought a white chocolate mocha frappe without whip, sat at a table near the window, sipped, gazed at people, and thumbed through my new purchases.

A secret pleasure. I enjoy essays. I never understood why fellow students hated writing essays in school. They were one of my favorite ways of expressing myself. Now, "The Best" depends on who gets to edit the essays for the annual offerings. I had to Google Ariel since I am unfamiliar with her work, but I like what she said on her blog about the sandwich and her words. You can read it here:  Ariel Levy Cool typewriter, huh? Wish I could have drawn it for her. Notice how I said could. Such detailed work requires a long attention span. Perhaps I will type a letter to Ms Levy if I enjoy the majority of the essays she's chosen and recommended st the best. But only if I like them. Books are always great reasons to write letters to authors and publishers.

By the way. I bought a grande frappe. I buy one a year, every other year, or every third year. I'm not a coffee drinker, and sugary, calorie-ladened drinks tend to make me hyper. An occasional hit never hurts though, especially not on a day like today. 

This is one of my favorite health magazines. I bought turmeric tea recently, had one cup, have not touched it since. I am in the habit of downing the black English breakfast teas that make uterine fibroids grow instead. I'm weaning myself off them. 

My order for borage tea, dried limes, and saffron sugar came in yesterday's mail. Yeah, tea! I heard of the benefits of borage from Persian Mama's blog. The article about thyroid health was the most appealing reason to buy this issue of Mother Earth Living. I no longer have a thyroid gland. Before I gave it up, I was tired all the time, and suffered from a host of other horrible, debilitating problems. I miss my little butterfly gland, and need to know how to take better care now that I rely on sa upplement.

I picked up this staple for the gumbo recipe on page 109! We have not had gumbo in too long. 'Tis the season. Hunger's the reason. It's time. Besides, okra is great.

Now, you know I had to pass Ace's Post Office on my way to Barnes & Noble. And I know that you know that there was mail that needed mailing. And my favorite postal friend was there! What a reunion it was. We hadn't seen each other in weeks. She works mornings now. Seeing her again felt like it was just yesterday since we'd talked. It's good to feel that way about people who are not family, isn't it? 

 Sending a note or a letter to someone I've never met feels just as good. Me writing to you says, I don't know you like family, but I like you. Isn't my writing proof?

And writing a letter is simply having a conversation on paper, which is why I wrote to friend Patty about "Chronicle." The movie blows my mind, so naturally, I want my friends to talk with me about it. But only friends who enjoy such movies. 

And books! We have this thing and a shared history of books, hence "A book is a garden carried in a pocket. " That's not necessarily true is it? Truthfully, I rarely have pockets for books, unless it's a "pocketbook." Remember your mama's? Your own? I swanee, I just smelled Juicy Fruit!

I mailed a stack of letters and packages today. And out of all that mail, the one that earned a comment and an "I like this. Wow." was this one. It looks like it's been run over by an eighteen wheeler's tire after it rolled through a tar pit. But I still like it too.


11:11 PM - P.S. I'm reading "Food & Wine." Page 20. The Hungry Crowd piece has a photo of an unfamiliar woman below the title, so curious, I read on. Well, it's Shonda Rhimes. Because of my prejudiced brain, I could not connect the photo of the barn and silo with the woman. I know, shame on me. And she's in Vermont? More shame on me.

Not reading the bits in order, I started with Risky Eating and moved on to Scandalous Nights. I commenced to Googling "Dead Letter Office Shiraz" like there was a payoff. Dead and Letter? You don't have to tell me twice! And what's a sidecar? No, no, no! Ignorance is not bliss. Friends don't mind friends knowing they're ignorant. Wish you could see page 8.


  1. oh my I wonder what page 8 beholds ? Now you have me curious my dear .Oh well happy November the start of a wonderful holiday season .

  2. I'd scan it for you if I could! LOL! It's such a pretty page.

    Thank you. Your first holiday in your new home will be one of thanksgiving! How wonderful is that?

    Be well.

  3. I don't know if my timing is just off/too late, but I can never find Flow issues at either of my local Barnes & Noble locations. Then I order them online, and that's a good excuse for more shopping at their site. Sigh. Dangerous.

    1. LOL! You really do know how it works! :)

      I passed on the last several issues of FLOW. They seem to have lost their mojo, which is a shame because they have such promise. Plus the covers are alluring.

  4. LIMNER!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU??????

    1. Pamela, I don't know for sure, but I was MIA in a dark place. I heard you calling. Thanks!