Tuesday, September 22, 2015

These Are a Few of My Favorite Thin-n-ngs!

When a sibling bites

When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad.

It's true.
When I get good mail from you
I forget the bite
I forget the stings
I simply enjoy this favorite thing
And I don't feel bad

That's the power of mail!

So, Life has been super duper tough these past weeks months, but when you've done your best, and to God you leave the rest, one must simply carry on. And guess what. Troubles, problems, and pain come, to pass. Trouble doesn't last always. You don't often "get it" until after it's come and gone. Adages are old for a reason, number one being . . . truth lasts. So does good advice. That's why some of it's written down and passed around. 

Getting great mail is better than good mail, but good mail is better than no mail. Mail is good! Unless it is junk mail, and junk mail is just junk. One of my favorite things is being blessed with some of the best mail known to womankind. I might not show off each piece since doing that would eat up gobs of my days, and a body needs time to answer, write spontaneous letters, draw silly cartoons, and . . . Oh. Yeah! Print and cut handmade postcards. And someone has to write on their backs before they're stamped and mailed! 

I made postcards today! Yea for me! Here's one of my favorites. Another is the Texas hot tub. And the KATY caboose. They deserve a reprint. Soon. Instead of taking on the task of searching for the originals, I started a new canvas yesterday. Thought I'd print, trim and send a few postcards from one of the canvas collages, aka "a short stack." Ten in all. There would have been an even dozen, but I printed two group photos of Alex, his sisters, and his mom instead. A copy is for the grandmother in Mexico. She does not answer their letters because she cannot read. Hearing that broke my heart, and the only way to mend it just a little bit was to print the photo I took a week or two ago, and give it to Alex and Fatima to send to Abuela.

A good friend is the best company. Indeed. This is probably my favorite of the series, for obvious reasons. It's absolutely beautiful in person. Forgive me for not remembering which paper it's printed on. I used Epson's Ultra Premium Matte, Lasal Photo, and Entrada Rag from Moab, without paying attention to the choices. Next time.

This. Is. Absolutely. Awesome. I like everything about it. Why can't I find such beauties in my town? Thank you, Angela. This goes under glass with a mat and frame. 

My lighting did not do this work of art justice. I chose not to wait another day before sharing it. It's that exciting! If I could write like this . . .  Thank you, Jean. Wow. I never looked so pretty.

You have to see this up close to believe it. I've seen Chuck's envelopes before and thought, "I'd like to have . . ." Who knew??? Wishes do come true. Celtic, right? Thank you, Chuck. I am so about to try this, or create a reasonable facsimile. The greens match! As do the reds. 

Settle down my heart! I Googled "sacred bee," and . . . Do women still swoon? Follow the link and get back to me. sacredbee This artist has style! Translation? I'd buy one of everything if I were a rich man. Woman! If I were a rich woman. That fiddler is still on my roof! One doesn't have to be rich to write though. So. Go. Write a letter. Go, tell it on a mountain, that writing a letter is one of your favorite things! To do.

P.S.  This blog might move. I cannot reply to comments, have trouble controlling the layout . . . Goblins are messing with me. Perhaps it is time to move on.


  1. oh my you have another great post here I do wonder at times if we put the postal workers scratching their heads and saying what the heck does that mean ? LOL , Good mail is always great to receive thank you so much for the coloring book and it will help me practice my drawing as well , again thank you so much .

    1. LOL! Some say such doings make their day. We are appreciated more than we know. And you are welcome for the coloring book. They're quite popular here. They sell fast at B&N.

      You make me wish I'd gotten two! LOL. I can use a refresher course in drWing myself. Enjoy.

  2. WOW!!!!! Those two bottom envelopes are A-Mazing! Love them. I have been having a tough time too so i can relate. And good and great mail really can cheer you up, can't it? And I have something good -- or great -- I am going to send to you very soon.

    1. I like your A-Mazing. 😀 there are super talented people out there. See why I keep practicing???

      I hope your tough times are over. They tend to hijack our focus and energy, don't they? But in the end we are often better for them. They certainly make me appreciate the days filled with smooth sailing. Yes! Good mail is good medicine. Letters are gifts in envelopes. :) May your mail box runneth over. :)

      Now I will stalk my mail box! :) Although I shouldn't be greedy! 😀

      Be well.

  3. Replies
    1. For real! :) You've amazed me! I always enjoy hearing from you, and don't forget your role in inspiring me to take up proper calligraphy again. Add the beautiful quill, and I owe you a bushel of gratitude.

      Great people send great mail. 😀 Thank you.