Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Best Laid Schemes o' Mice n Men

. . . often go astray for women too. I had such plans, made promises I have yet to keep, but still hold on to "soon" and "hope." Because there's always something new afoot. Taking photographs and scanning are too often the last items on my daily To Do List, since ideas don't always last. They're fleeting as you well know. So, all too often I have to grab and hold on fast! Or else it's "Oh, too bad, so sad. What happened to all your great ideas that never came to pass." I have a whole other side-life that's part of my daily juggling act. Everything wants time, takes time, consumes time . . . 

So. Yesterday's trip to the post office was a pleasant escape. The sky was the perfect blue. We were thankful for the miles of clouds. Shade comes in many forms. We take it, enjoy it, and are happy for it. This is a shot taken outside the post office. I am grateful for all crop features. There's nothing interesting about any storage facility, least of all the parking lot.

I'd just mailed a handful of correspondence. Such a lovely word is correspondence. I especially like the definition of the two words connected to mean the following: verb, communicate by exchanging letters.

co- |kəʊ
prefix(forming nouns) joint; mutual; common: coeducation.(forming adjectives) jointly; mutually: coequal.(forming verbstogether with another or others: coproduce | co-own.
respond |riˈspändverb [ reporting verb ] say something in reply

There was mail for me in return. Very lovely mail. No junk. There were no pressing errands, no appointments . . . So I stood and watched the water escape from the tank. I stood for awhile before I took the first photo. The sound of rushing water is always soothing, unless there is danger. It never occurs to me to use my phone's video feature. Had I done so, you would hear how cheerful the rushing water sounds.

Irony doesn't always need words. The post office spent a nice sum on landscaping this spring. The budget for maintenance must have dried up before summer since most of the shrubbery died of thirst.

Several people laughed and scoffed because I took pictures, or perhaps they were amused by the sight of me standing still simply to enjoy the water. Surely they thought me deaf as well as mentally defective for finding pleasure in such a simple thing, seeing as how they laughed and discussed me as if I did not/could not hear what they said. I was more annoyed at the person who hogged two parking spaces. Ours is a busy post office and parking spaces are seldom empty.


September 25, 2015
12:02 AM

Another forgotten, unfinished draft. 



  1. oh how nasty for someone to laugh and scoff . Yesterday while in ross dept store these two twenty something kept laughing and falling down in the aisles and I thought to myself my goodness did their mother raise them that way ? then a little boy kept yelling out a name and waiting for an answer and then he finally got one , although from the looks of things it was not the answer he was expecting both his big sister and mother got a hold of him and mother began to punish him and big sister got mad cause he was yelling her name all over the store . I just had to laugh as it brought back memories LOL.

    1. They probably wish they'd thought of doing it first. :) People are just too funny for words sometimes, aren't they? LOL!