Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Best Laid Plans For a Limner's Hands

. . . often go astray. Thinking JC would be gone for the entire day, I planned my own accordingly. I stocked up on all the necessaries yesterday, braved the . . . 

. . . rain, and threats of rain. Do you ever have to stop to take photos in the middle of a post? I do. BRB.

Back. I braved the rain and rush hour traffic to make a handful of stops to get everything I might need for a day of staying home for a full 24 hours. This included a second stop at the post office. Consecutive days! 

It pays to heed one's inner voice. These are just some of the letters and cards that awaited me when I gave in instead of limping home because I was beat! There was no reading letters in the parking lot this time! I saved it all, and consumed every word on the patio. On a side note? I saw two 42 inch flat screen televisions being mailed via US post. Imagine the cost! Wouldn't it have been cheaper to send a check instead? Who needs a television that badly? 

Turned out I didn't need to buy anything for my stay-in after all, since I had everything I needed. I re-used a mailer I'd skinned by removing the full size label. You could still see the bubble wrap. But one thing I learned when I was too poor to buy art supplies is this:  If you are an artist it is in your DNA, so you can create with whatever you have. Charcoal from the burn pile and a paper grocery bag worked as well as store-bought charcoal sticks and fine art paper. So, challenging myself in the days of plenty and easy access is still fun. 

It began with the basic tools: a pencil, desire, and my imagination. A quick sketch of a pill bottle, a single address label cut to resemble a prescription label, a few markers, bits from a magazine, a subscription pull-out, three flower stickers, and a recipient with a sense of humor were the only things required. Oh! And strategically placed pieces of clear shipping tape. I know, I know, some of you cringe at the thought of me with a roll of tape, but in my defense--you never have anything from me escape the confines of its package, pre-arrival! So judge not, lest you judge erroneously, and I stop sending you stuff. It takes my little mama to talk about my taped boxes. I always told her opening them was a form of PT. 

So. A quick draw of a pill bottle, simple instructions for the prescription, refills are automatic, a discount voucher and a guarantee are pretty much all you need for a "for whatever ails you package." Dang. I said no letters this day. But wait! Does a note count? 

Because if it doesn't, then I wrote another note an hour ago. Notes are necessary to explain the contents of a package/envelope. Right? Well, if you count these as letters, then forget you ever read this. And move on.

The back was just as much fun! In fact, I wish I'd titled this post "A Help Me Jesus Kind of Day." But the title would have been more appropriate for Wednesday, when I slept through my appointment, but every day is a Help Me Jesus kind of day with me. Buddha lends a hand too, which reminds me of the movie I watched five or six times in a row for two nights in a row, and was still "getting it" when my time ran out on Direct Tv. I'm talking about the scene where the wives are in the hold of the truck, or perhaps the back seat, while being chased by the diseased miscreant of a "father." Right. The entire movie is nothing but chase scenes. In what I think is the best part of "Mad Max-Fury Road," is when the wife who looked like she was signing, clearly gives a clue to what she was doing without her sister wife having to ask, "What are you doing?" to which she replied, "Praying." When asked to whom, she said, "To who ever is listening." I pray a lot. I laugh a lot. I do a lot.

I buy a lot of ink too. And pens. And the sun shines even when it rains.

I discovered a new drawing ink yesterday. It's from Holland. I forgot to photograph the little bottles of black and white inks. Eight tiny bottles cost me every coin in my milk bottle. I'm reluctant try them in case I spill a drop seeing as how Texas Art Supply will not restock the brand once the lot on hand is sold, except the black, because they're too expensive. I'll show you the white some other day. It's interesting how it's a pure chalk white until you shake the bottle and mix the red liquid that rises to the top after it's still for a few minutes.

Aren't they some of the coolest colors that will ever stain a pen and paper? If anyone has tried them please holler at me. And, have you ever heard of Gear Patrol? I copied a link to share with you when I saw "How to write a letter like Steinbeck." I'd rather write like me, wouldn't you? I also ordered the pan of gold recommended over at The Postman's Knock. Have you tried any of these products? Please share your experiences if you have. I'd be most appreciative.

Now I'm off to try out the new dip pens, inks, papers . . . Did you plan to have the weekend off too? Here's to your success! I have much scanning to do for a well-deserved upcoming "Show and Tell Mail" post. Cheers!


  1. wow I think I would love those inks but cant spend anything right now because I'm buying the house so every penny must be saved ...great post . thanks .

    1. My friend, I don't think you will like them. They are definitely for drawing and not for writing, and hardly worth the price. I discovered this last night. The green is so beautiful I wish for the same color in cartridges. I'd like writing with such a shade.

    2. oh thanks for letting me know . you sound like you are disappointed in them . are you ? well I will take it from you not worth the price and thank you . you take care my friend.

    3. I'm disappointed in them as ink for dip pens. They work well enough for sketches. The white acts in an odd way on black stock. Will try it again on better paper.

  2. A "Help me Jesus" kind of day. I love that song. And Kris Kristoffersen too.

    1. You mean there's a song with that title? Okay. I just Googled and had a listen on iTunes. :) I like him best as the character Whistler in the Blade movies. I grinned every time he said, "Pucker up buttercup."

      Goodness. There's a song titled "Pucker Up Buttercup!" Hahaha! Junior Walker and the All Stars!