Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunshine & Sundays Were Made For Each Other!

I wanted to write that in all caps but common sense and good manners prevailed. Am just in from a sit-down on the patio. Soaking up sunlight is one of the best exercises that'll make you sweat, with no exertion on your part. You get all the breezy air you can stand, free entertainment from Mom Nature; not much beats watching ants do-do-do their thing (pause) right on the scene. No, they're no dancing' machines but you can watch 'em get down, watch 'em get down as they do-do-do their thing . . . 

I had Shaggy Dog sushi less than twenty minutes ago and I'm only now wondering why they named it Shaggy Dog. Spicy Shaggy Dog comes with jalapeños. Imagine that. I passed on the jalapeños  Bought an extra serving of wasabi and pickled ginger, then wish I hadn't eaten any of it at all. So, here I sit, chin in hand, wondering why I'm on the verge of weeping. I know! "Bridget Jones's Diary" is on. Having never seen it from start to finish has probably done wonders for my mental health. Are/were young women ever that pathetically pathetic and witless? Art imitates life, right? Moving on as soon as I find appropriate white noise . . . I feel compelled to say, "some women just try too hard. Men are only women with vital parts missing, and slightly altered brains. They've been around since before we began measuring time. They have not changed that much!

Now that the sun is slipping into the future, let us see how many new postcards and comments I can share before there's a need to turn on a light. Ready? Set. I'm gone!

Collage Canvas #2: I made this canvas for my tribal friend. Family is important to her, so tribalism it is. Oh, who am I fooling? We are all tribal. We are tribes within tribes, and we all fit together nicely as one big tribe. 

Family is about carrying on old traditions and making new ones. My tribe of three doesn't celebrate the same holidays the way my first tribe did/does. For instance? We have a giant red snapper for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners instead of turkey. I'd rather drink mine wild. *wink* Erin has another family in Chicago that gives her the tribal closeness she needs while she's home-away-from-home. I have "grandchildren" from another mama/daddy. My neighborhood is a tribe that doesn't have a clue once we move past our initial core. And some of y'all are my tribe too. 

Love is the thread. It's always the thread, even in the midst of discord.

New seeds bring forth new fruits. 

Often enough, we are our own best friend. I love my own company. Do you? If you cannot live with yourself, how can anyone else? Children are treasure.

See the fabric on the bottom? It's a photo of a table napkin. What's family without family dinners? 

Stories are the fabric of our lives. Oral histories are still as vital as old letters, journal, family movies, scrapbooks . . . Tell your story, her story . . . Just tell a story! Tell it and pass it on.

Buttons, buttons . . . Do you have a button jar? No? Start one. Save buttons that fall off an old shirt, an old skirt, a nightgown . . . Loose ones are often discovered in the washer/dryer. Don't throw them out! Cut them off clothing unfit to donate, save the extra button that comes with an outfit bought for a memorable occasion. Sparkly buttons are as pretty as stars. 

Buy pretty little do-dads just because. You will use them some day.

Oh, freedom!

Seeds! Sow! Plant! Save! Nurture. See what develops. Add the seeds of life to your collage canvas. These are from our muscadines. 

Pins will win, hands down! 

The grains against the napkin are from my own garden. Rice or wheat? I forget. 

Sweets! The wrapper was a souvenir from the butterscotch Friend gave me after one of our hen sessions. Modern Zen. Savor the day. There was wisdom served, with kindness as one of the courses. And the butterscotch was dessert. Chats or letter writing sessions with tea? Postcards deserve two cups!

So many good things grouped together add up to the times of our lives. 

Repetition is key.

Life has a myriad of views: Yours, mine, theirs, hers, his, and ours. Time Keeper's Card? Birthday cards of course! What's yours?

Everyone comes with a free boarding pass. Our first passport stamp? The one from the bottoms of our feet. Ah, life! Friend has been to places I have never dreamt of looking for on a globe. I envy her. Not in the biblical sense. 

See? All those little cogs and bits of metal you hold on to are stored away for a reason. The lovely red Harry Potter wax seal? Who knew? Me! Me! I did!

Always. I like the word, always. 

adverbat all times; on all occasions: the sun always rises in the east.• throughout a long period of the past: she had always been an obstinate sort.• for all future time; forever: she will always be missed.• repeatedly and annoyingly: she is always making derogatory a last resort; failing all else: if the marriage doesn't work out, we can always get divorced.ORIGIN Middle Englishgenitive case of all way, the inflection probably giving the sense at every time as opposed to at one uninterrupted time; the difference between the two is no longer distinct.

Repetition means pay attention.

Collage postcards are like a never-ending story. Try to imagine the number you might make from a single canvas. Make one for a friend, then wait. Your gift might return tenfold. If not, you will have created a masterpiece!

Write on!


  1. what lovelies ....nice collages nice work .

    1. Thank you. Am planning two more. Perhaps I should do one for my wall?