Monday, September 7, 2015

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag!

It's that time of year again. This mama's got a brand new bag! I wish I could have filled it with fruit from that tree. I'd have bought two bags if I could have; then I'd have brought home two bags full like Baa Baa Black Sheep. I always thought of the little sheep as Baa-Baa when I was a kid. And it always sounded silly asking a sheep if it had any wool. I hoped the sheep would say something sassy in the none-affirmative. 

My bag isn't real wool. Faux felt it is, but a winter mail bag it is nonetheless. Purple and green. Don't be fooled by the darker shade. It's not the purple of my childhood, no matter how many people try to say it's the color purple. Eggplant! It reminds me of Japanese eggplant. Check this out: They range in color from lavender to pink, green, and white. . . . (From The Cook's Thesaurus: Eggplants. See? I'm not the only one who royally disputes the color. Purple is purple. The new bag is deep and roomy enough for packages, boxes and other postal stuff. My only wish is for an inner pocket to keep my panes of stamps nice and unmolested. A place for my wallet, glasses and keys wouldn't hurt either. My new purple bag is only for two seasons, so I won't complain. I've got a brand new bag and some goodies to go in it!

Hello my beauty! 

Thank you, clever Mrs. Duffy. You did what I have not mustered the courage to do. Yet. You just decided to do it, and you went for it. I cannot bring myself to make the cruelest cut of all: the initial cut. I went as far as searching for a quill knife. The price put me in deep freeze. I know, I know. Excuses are free and easy. So, thank you very very much for this lovely handmade quill. 

The subtle iridescence is stunning. This feather loves Texas light. I've marveled at every bit of it, on a daily basis, since its arrival. I promise to use it soon. Courage takes time to develop.

Another joy bolt from the blue. Wow! 

wow 1 |wouinformal 
exclam.(also wowee |ˈwouēˈwouˈ(w)ē)expressing astonishment or admiration: “Wow!” he cried enthusiastically.

Randall gave me enough for 10 sets, the equivalent of 10 envelopes. Wow! They're all so perfect for my Red Letter Day Project. (a hard grin) I promise you he reads my mind some days. Randall? Hug your neck for me? Thank you one thousand and one times over over the limit! I wasn't quite ready to share your and Mrs. Duffy's beautiful gifts just yet since I'm still wrapped in the wonder of them, but my little voice was beginning to sound like Gollum when he crooned to his Precious. We can't have that, can we? 

Goodness, but I do get so emotional at times! I hope "thank-you" ripples through forever, because I can never say it enough. I hope you feel it. What I wouldn't give to be good enough to use my lovely quill to write my red letters, and post them using these stamps. I won't stop practicing until I am good enough to do just that. 

And that's not all. There's more. For another post on another day. Over-stimulation is not good for limners. May your days overflow with preciouses or. Write on!

10:33 P.M.  See? I forgot!

I forgot this! Outgoing x 3 more, for a total of 6 in the bag. I'm good for at least two more before bedtime. 


  1. That is one gorgeous colour purple!!

    1. I agree! It's much lighter in person. A true purple. :)

  2. two more before bedtime again made me laugh with that one cause it sounds like someone at a bar LOL . Thanks for a great post and love the quill pen that looks awesome and kudos to mrs duffy for that one .

    1. Like last call, huh? LOL! I did it. Eight letters and one package, I think. Or nine letters. I'm doing my best to catch up. Mrs. Duffy's got it going on. She's inspired me to give it a try soon. Patty gave me some lovely turkey feathers that need transforming. I hope Texas buzzard feathers make good quills too, since I have one that's getting old. :)

  3. I'm glad you like it. Mr. Duffy was good enough to give me my very own set of exacto knives in a nifty wooden box. Doubtless a genuine quill knife would yield better results but they're not quite as accessible as you've discovered.

    1. I more than like it. I used it last night. :) It writes beautiful Italic. Thank you so very much. I'm no longer shy about using the other little toy from Talas. I bought borax today after I read that it is great for cleaning feathers. I've developed an allergy to feathers. I ended up really sick after a single page letter, and I awoke hoarse and congested this morning. I refuse to give up my quill though. :) You did a wonderful job!

      I have those Exacto knives. I got them when I started carving. And yes, quill knives are as rare as fairy dust. They will make a come-back. Wait and see. :)

  4. Nice bag -- we all need something new for! And love those stamps you got. Very cool. Happy September!

    1. Hahaha! For real! The clerk at Texas Art Supply offered a discount on the materials I bought last week. He thought I was a student. I couldn't even bring myself to lie, so I said no. :) It wasn't fair. I'm learning calligraphy. Doesn't that make me a student? ;)

      Speaking of back to school? I learned a hard lesson: Never vie with a parent for the last of anything when school supplies are on sale. They don't care if you are old, crippled, or crazy. They will mow you down for the last protractor, compass, ruler, Big Chief tablet, or whatever.

      I look at my new stamps every day! I think I know how Gollum felt. :)

      September to you! The Earth, Wind & Fire version! May it be happy for you too, and thank you!