Sunday, September 27, 2015

In Praise of the Postcard

Making more of my own postcards seems to act as a magnet that attracts my attention to any within close range. Take these as an awesome example. I scold B&N for their empty postcard racks, so I took to making my own again after they filled the racks with useless bits of magpie lure. That'll learn 'em. Then I saw these. Oh-my-goodness-gracious! I don't believe in castles and princesses, kings and queens, but I do like beauty and golden things. Gold holds a special place in my me. I chose silver wedding rings for a specific reason. The only gold jewelry I have is a watch that's both god and silver. I believe one has to earn the right to "become" golden. It's a "fairy tale" in the making, so I cannot reveal all just yet. But here's more on the Enchanted Forest postcards.

Please note how the gold loses its luster against a white background? Aha! No, it's not the sun's fault. It chooses to hide its face from us today. I feel its heat but the day is gray. Flowers, leaves and grass lack their glorious power of enchantment without the light.

From the first . . .

. . . to the middle . . .

. . . to the end, you will be enchanted! You pore over every detail without any conscious effort on your part. The eye is drawn to the center and out! The illustrations are some of the finest, without doubt. The artist is the first to make postcards you can color. Wait. She is the first to show up on my radar. The stock is rich and inviting. If I were to choose a medium it would be markers--Cocoiro's finest colors. I'd use silver and gold ink too. I'd take time to fill in inches-by-inches. Enchantment takes time to color in. 

What to do first! That is the question! Would you add the color? Or would you allow the recipient the pleasure? And simply save the back for your own "signature" message? Covering the illustrated stamp corner is hard to do. So, would you prefer a card as a postcard? A card as a gift to pass on? Or, do you want the set and decide for yourself? Want to investigate on your own? You know I've got you linked! 

Oh! Scream! I messed up! Read why here! I discovered my horrible mistake when I explored a link for you. Woe, is me. Alack and alas. I'm kicking my _____. Thinking of my pen friends, I immediately sent out a postcard. Who knew there are keys within throughout the book that will open . . . I'm not telling. Not until I find another book of postcards. For myself. 

I do like Johanna's Scottish (?) accent. I love her talent. I am a fan of her black-and-white- only creative illustrations about as much as I am a fan of my own secret habit that's developing into a strong artistic force. Always be true to yourself. I learned that. How do I know? When you know, and know that you know, then you truly know. You simply show your knowing by doing. So, I hope you will add Johanna Basford to your, "Tell 'em Limner sent you" list of good things to experience. You will get 20 postcards to color or not to color, to share or not to share, and enough enchantment to last for a good long while. I wish I'd bought both books of postcards, but no-o-o. If there are just two of a thing, I get one and leave one for someone else to share in the beauty. Am 100% sure "my" bookstore will re-order these though. Google her name! Explore. Watch the video. Be amazed. Join the enchantment.

The End

No! Wait. Not yet. Here's my own little effort. My homemade postcards are just as much fun, don't you think? They're printed on some of the finest stock too. 

Some are illustrated. Sure they're in pencil, but still and all they're something else.

I gussy up the backs so that they look classier. I bought the stamps way back before Archivers went out of business. *sigh* See? Hoarders have a 7th sense.

See? Limner's still got back. A postcard back! And I will forever sing a song in praise of the postcard. I'm even sending one your way. Any day now. I might be slow, but even a limner needs time to play.


  1. I've seen these around and I am tempted every the colouring books too. Have you seen them? Perfect for doodling whilst on the phone or watching a movie.

    1. Flow's coloring book appears to be everywhere. I have bought several for friends but I am all for coloring what I draw. I might be tempted to try one of the postcards though. 😀

  2. I don't color -- but I do have those same cool postcard backs...

    1. I color with the child next door, but prefer to color what I draw. I finally get to use the postcard rubber stamps before they dye rot. :)

      For every thing there us a season. Right?

  3. hello,

    your postcard is adorable and charming. most certainly as lovely.
    I like the enchanted ones too, her coloring books have taken off!

    1. Oh, I like you! :) Thank you. Very much.

      I'm not into the coloring book phenom but I looked for her coloring book last weekend. Barnes and Noble did not have it, and only two of her postcards books were left. I felt so special when I found the first key in the postcard mailed to a pen friend. LOL. She draws you in and makes you stay awhile. :)