Thursday, September 24, 2015

A September Christmas

I talked to myself again. It happened when I opened my mail box, and all I could do was exclaim, "Whoa!" And, "Oh, my goodness!" The box was full. Packages fell, envelopes flew, and I dropped everything I picked up off the floor like I was in a comedy short. I needed a bag for out-going, for the first time in my life. Was a good thing I'm using my fall bag. *grin* And nothing was cramped or damaged! I have never gotten so much mail at once. Not even at Christmas. Seriously. One more and: And, I wish I'd thought to take a photo before I disturbed the contents.

Since I don't know where to start . . . So, let's start at the very bee-ginning. It's a very good place to start. Anna gave me a set of the bee postcards! This is the one on top. I felt like I'd won the lottery! Heck, I still do. And, the Publisher's Clearing House. Sweepstakes. I showed them to JC. He asked what I asked myself:  Are you actually going to send these to someone? 

Thank you, dear Anna. You never cease to amaze me. I have to keep the wrapper too. 

A future project is to start an album for packaging. Such care and creativity goes into every aspect of gifts. "Limner" comes to me in so many pretty ways as well. 

Another space postcard! These are so cool. Thank you, dear Randall. You've given me another project to release from my mind to reality. There's always something. *vbg*

You might be surprised to hear that I did not open a single envelope in the post office parking lot this afternoon. I brought everything home, and unloaded in the kitchen. I read as I gobbled up cubes of tofu from the WFM. Bland tofu is disgusting, especially if it's leaking water. Hunger wants satiation but not at the expense of flavor! Thank you, dear Susan. Find the Good by Heather Lende is an amazing antidote to Atul Gawande's Being Mortal, and flat tofu, although the latter title is an engrossing must-read--albeit a depressing one. Reality often is. I wish you'd signed it so that I'd have forever-proof that you sent me such a good thing. Your handwriting is pure artistry. Your letter is lovely, so it will remain where it is. Forever. It is a signature in itself. Find the Good is a perfect gift. I read the obituaries to my mama on Wednesdays. Our hometown newspaper always posts them online, so we had a standing date every Wednesday night. Obituaries are goodbyes.

This has to be a two parter. I must say goodnight now because it's bedtime. This body is tired despite my brain brimming with so much more to share. Blogger isn't working properly either. There's a litany of complaints lining up under these keys. One fights to be freed every time I press a key. Stop! Stop reading! Stop reading so that I can stop keying!

Sleep well. Write on.

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