Monday, August 31, 2015

When Being At the Post Office Feels Like Being Cheers

woke to a real Moan-day, 
did not want to get out of bed, 
did not want to face the day, 
could not find my way back to the Land of Nod, 
so  hit the floor anyway, 
met the day head on.

It's JC's birthday, so why did I act like it's mine instead? One theory goes like this:  Because it means he's a year older, and I'm six months older so . . . That still makes him six months younger! No amount of new math changes the numbers either. Plus, he got the biggest gift imaginable. Bluebell ice cream is in local stores again today! JC loves Bluebell vanilla. 

You're thinking I bought him at least a pint, right? Wrong. If he got ice cream today he did not get it from me. I got him something that will last longer than a memory of vanilla ice cream. I got him something that will not make his blood sugar shoot through the roof. I got him a GoPro Camera. His FitBit is from Erin. I also accompanied him to the one place he's been chomping at the bit to visit:  Katy's Black Walnut Cafe. Ha! Fooled you, huh? He swears it's closer than the one that feels like Cheers. They might not call out our names when we enter, but they know how JC likes his bison burger. 

I had a slice of red velvet cake since it's his birthday, but don't tell. What's a birthday without cake, right? They were out of the carrot cake so red velvet it was. Half is downstairs. The cashier did wish him a happy one, and gave him a chilled Heineken. 

Before all this happened I went to the post office. I'm not a morning talker so all I said was, "I'm going to the bookstore." And I left. I won't tell you everything that happened after that in case he reads this post, but finding gift bags and tissue paper isn't always easy! I got to see my friend, Lisa, over at Aaron Bros. though, and she gave me a few tips regarding one of JC's gifts. Smart woman!. But I saw her after the post office. 

Before I could do business I had to stop at the counter and fill out the customs form. Usually there's a small stash in the desk--there to save myself the bother of having to fill it out there. Being greeted when you enter the double doors is as good as the gang hollering, "Norm!" The initial ave came from the first counter clerk. She always calls me Mrs. C. Then Char came from the back to do passport duty. She always calls me by my first name. She make a point to touch me, and smiles like she's always so happy to see me! We've met and gotten to know each other in Hobby Lobby before, and we talk when business is slow. She has a lovely daughter. And a son. Both college students.

Then there was Judy. She waited on me today, but more importantly, she started grinning the moment I stepped around the counter. Judy declared she "thought" me into appearing, and she's said it before. I believe her. It seems whenever she wonders to herself, or asks about me out loud, I come in. She's asked co-workers to confirm it, so yes, I believe her. I've been using Ace Hardware's post office for a long while. It's closer, so Judy was right about me not having been inside recently. I tell you, hearing her say that was as good as her sliding a cold, frosted mug of beer down the bar and having it stop right in front of me. That beats Cheers by a mile seeing as how no matter how long I stay,  I'll never leave  drunk. Cheers!

I have been meaning to show you this sweet little Fabriano Journal for over a month now. Something else always gets in the way, but not much keeps a rainbow down. 

I love a rainbow. I found this one in Barnes & Noble.

I grinned like a Cheshire cat when I found a box of rainbow envelopes the other day. Oh, the paper, the paper, the paper! It's something else. I sent half the box to pen friends who like paper too. Samples inspire! See that celery? It's not, really. It's more of a lime green. Remember the pretty colors with all the pretty names in Flow? No? It's okay. I bought the box of colors because of the paper. I opened the box in the store and felt the texture first. There's no sense in taking all that paper home and discovering it never should have left the store, so "Open Says Me!" Since I cannot imagine taking apart the journal,  I'm unsure of its exact purpose just yet. We'll think of something, won't we?

Yes, I wrote that ninth letter last night. Mailed it today, but the crazy eights are still that, and the number eighteen came up today! I shook my head. Numbers have meaning. Everything is based on numbers. Remember the Golden Ratio? Aha! Eight signifies balance. I need balance like I need two feet, two legs, two arms, two eyes . . . If one came up missing I'd still remember all the time I had two. 

And, I primed a few envelopes for a few more. Ready Red.

And red again. As in red-y for a letter and an address!

Orange and . . .

. . . green. Aren't you a scream? Better yet . . . It's like Randall says, You have to use up what you have so you can buy more.

And there's this. I do like a story that involves letters. I try to apply the smartness of Patty's rule, and Randall's common sense to my fondness for buying books when I have not read all the ones I've already bought. I finished this will-make-you-cry-good-tears story roughly an hour ago. Reading stories translated from another language often requires a little work and determination on my part, seeing as how cultural minds differ greatly. Ideas and imaginations do not always translate well; sometimes I lose interest when I have to reach too far to grasp the prose or the notion of a story. You cannot imagine how many times I had to look at this beautiful cover to keep me reading about Elsa. I had to fight to believe a seven-going-on-eight year old girl could be "different" and still be smarter than all the adults around her. I chalked it up to her being from another country. 

All the made up names were a pain to keep stumbling over. Frustration on a pitch fork! It takes too long to mispronounce the same words over and over until you want to say a bad word. Okay, bloody works just fine, although Elsa and her granny say much worse. But bad words aside, you will find yourself flowing smoothly in the slipstream of Fredrik Backman's prose for long moments before you flounder. Then again, maybe you won't. Maybe it's just me and my brain. No matter. I want to read A Man Called Ove now that I'm still caught up in the rhythm of a different storyteller. Elsa has enough challenges to overcome than seems fair, but Ove sounds a lot like me. What if he is? What if . . . Wait. Naturally I'm intrigued. You have to read what an eight year old's story taught me about being different! It will make you wiser. It'll make you cry. It makes you want to believe in all the Elsas and grannies like Elsa's. (sighing) What I wouldn't give to be a great a reviewer of books. I'd sell you on this story. You'd rush right out to buy the hardcover version! 

Anyway. The story is filled with letters. I wish we'd been allowed to read each one. The most important one is the last. It's the epilogue, and there's a little drawing of an envelope. Oh, stop me now! I'm leaking again. I want to tell you all about Elsa and the cruelest, sweetest death . . . I won't. I'll simply say . . .


My GoPro is fully charged too now. It'll get a long overdue workout tomorrow. So . . . Cheers!


  1. I have read both of those books and I will see what you have to say first before I say anything of what I thought of them . Yes you see how you do me and I have learned to just be quiet from you . Is that not a wonderful thing ? I think it is . well have a wonderful day / evening whenever you read this .

    1. Keep an eye on your mail box. :P I have not gotten over Elsa yet. I started Ove's story then put him aside for The Book of Speculation since I began reading it in the middle of the night that I finished Elsa's tale. I cannot sleep unless I read.

      What are you reading now?

    2. oh no I'm not reading anything I'm packing so reading nothing ....4 weeks , 6 days till closing keep your fingers crossed .

    3. I cannot imagine you not reading. It's not normal! :)

  2. So the Hubby and I share the same day. Worked on getting a cat door installed in one of the bedrooms for one of our felines to be able to dodge the four canines.. Wish JC a happy B-day.. Back to work. D

    1. Happy belated! You're in my book now. :)

      Wow. Your felines have status. Impressive. Four woofers too? You have a full house.

      Birthday wishes conveyed. "Thanks, who's Derrick" in return. :)

    2. Yes, I'm still here :) Life is WAY busy right now. Between pending issues and work (Concert Season) up to the eyeballs with very little spare time. Kaylee back to school and now (real) homework is coming. Had to actually look up what a property was in a math problem.

    3. A day in the life of Dodson, D. makes me happier to be me. :) Your daughter will love you in spades, even after she's my daughter's age. :) Good job, you.

      It's good to see you.

  3. Hey, I can relate to being older than one's husband. Mike and I are the same age except from March until June. So, I have to listen to the old woman crap for only three months.

    1. A sister who gets it. :) I asked him, "How does it feel being older?" His response rankled. "You tell me, since you got there ahead of me." Hahaha! Yeah, I get that old woman crap too. LOL.