Saturday, August 15, 2015

Randall's Epistolary Mug Rug

This pattern reminds me of me. I find parts of the sum of me throughout. The colors are right on. The organic shapes, the script-like loops and movements are reflected in my own styles--artistic and calligraphic. I'm a square with round edges too. 

There's that red again! And another side of me. The flip side! I'm like Two-Face, although I am not obsessed with the number two. Heck, we're all like Two-Face. There's the inner us and the outer us. 

RFD. Such a lovely R F D this is, too. Rural Free Delivery! There's that deja vu going on again! I shared a little of my mail herstory several posts ago, and now here's a tag-along about RFD. Did you know rural delivery used to be free??? Wait. I feel a new post coming on! And a give-away? 

Who delivered the mail in Mayberry, RFD? I don't know. It was a boring show, but I do know who made . . . Yes, m-a-d-e this cute mug rug! A mug rug of all things! I've held it, and smelled it, stroked it too, but cannot bring myself to use it yet. It's so pretty. Randall, you never cease to flabbergast me! Thank you-thank you-thank you! Where'd you get the pattern? I want to make some! Oh, hug your neck for me! It matches the clay used for my mug. No, not my face, my tea mug! 

I've used this piece of pottery for almost twenty years. Rodrigo, the potterer signed it. He'd be proud to see it atop your work of art. Aww, man, I don't know what to say. You're our Renaissance man. You got me to pick up my pens and watercolors again, and now I want to dig out the old Singer, which has not been touched in at least eleven years. You give me such amazing treasure! One more time? Thank you! Oh!!! It matches the faux finish of my desk too! I'm writing a thank-you note . . . especially for you


  1. I, too, received one of these delightful Mug Rugs in my mailbox yesterday. Randall apparently has many talents!

    1. Yea! We're members of Randall's Mug Rug Club! :) I finally used mine.

      I agree. I wonder what else he has up his sleeves. I'm amazed that he's able to find time to do such feats. :)

  2. I have some of that pottery in vases and it is marked but not with the same dudes name and now you have me wanting to find out more about it ...ty for making me think again . Sad news maybe on the house you can read about It in the reply I left on your previous post ...Oh well onward and upward .

    1. I have lovely bowls and pitchers from them. I like the idea of them using local materials. They've been going out of business for over a decade though. LOL.

      Wow. You've given up already? We need to talk.