Monday, August 17, 2015

The Mangler's Revenge

I felt like Terry Donovan on "Ray Donovan this afternoon. Terry saw Aryans in every shadow, nook and cranny last night. They were everywhere. I knew who the culprit was though! Ha-ha-ha! I also berated the Mangler, and well, here we are. I've been warned. 

Remember this? The envelope is one of a double NYT Magazine bonus I mentioned in an earlier post. 

I mailed it Saturday. Or Friday? I forget. But it was in my box this afternoon--the stamp partially mangled--almost torn in half. And . . . minus the address label. (shudder) A nudge perhaps? A nod? A warning? (gasp!) It ate the wax seal. What must I do?

I know! Buy Mangler Poison? Call Ray Donovan! Or move on. I'm still infatuated with my Strathmore stationery. I pulled out the expensive stuff for this one. The Little Rat Fink got in on the action. He giggled and waved his little pink tail in the air like we just didn't care, as I wrote on and on and on, until the signature.

Oh! Guess what. Go on, guess. Okay, I'll tell. I found my nib! Finally! I've tried to fall for the Nikko G lock, stock, and barrel. I've bought more than enough in attempts to convince myself that I was a member of the NG Club too. Admitting I'm not frees me. Finding more of my nib is another story. I tripped around Katy-Houston to five stores. Not a single Leonardt 256 was to be had anywhere. I spent two hours online. I want the bronze Leonardt 256! Am hoarding the one. Can one be hoarded? Hmm.

A little glue, a new label, re-address it, and it'll look like new. Mangler, bring it on!

Hope you had a massive mail Monday. Mine was a mini, but it was a massive mini, and all I can handle right now.


  1. Oh I just love the lil rat guy on your desk that is too cute but he needs a hat ...just my opinion of course and you know what they say about opinions ....everyone has one LOL . Bet you thought of the other ending to that opinion business . again LOL . Love the post again . I'm expecting my new pen any day now . Hopefully ... oh well take care and put a hat on the lil guy .

    1. Congratulations! You'll introduce it to us, won't you?