Monday, August 24, 2015

Postal Debutants

They're home! OMG. Just a little drool spilled on the envelope before I got it opened. I knew what was in the mail box the moment I saw the large envelope. I thought to myself, "Well, it's about time!" 

Aren't they lovely? Absolutely l-o-v-e-l-y perfect! I have a letter ready but cannot bring myself to break up the dreams. It's not like I don't have other stamps, but I want to be the first to set them free to a friend or three. 

I finally figured out why the World Stamp is my favorite. I got a warm feeling every time I saw them. Well, last night I figured it out. Were you around when S&H Green Stamps drove adults to distraction? If a store clerk forgot to give up the earned stamps you can believe the customer asked, "Where are my stamps???" I know my little mama kept a book in the glove compartment and several at home. No way was she going to risk losing her green stamps by not getting them on a page asap. And watching her, my grand, my aunts, and church women counting the coveted full books, or poring over the catalogs to dream of redemption, made me imagine I couldn't wait until I could buy stuff,  collect S&H Green Stamps, and get free stuff too. 

Mama got a lot more stamps than her siblings and Grandmother because she had a car. She got stamps with every gas purchase! She was generous with her windfalls to a fault though.  When it was time for us to pack up and move to Oklahoma, she gave Grandmother her books and loose stamps. No one saved S&H Green Stamps in Lawton. 

Another thing I liked about the Green Stamp craze was being able to listen to the radio all day. The local station, made random calls for S&H Green Stamps give-aways. It went something like this: 

Ring. Ring.


Wait! You had to follow the script so they could make a fool out of you if you weren't on your toes. I you weren't, you stood to lose and everyone within the sound of the DJ's voice heard you being dumb on top of losing hundreds of stamps. You could not say "Hello?" If there was silence on the other end, you knew not to ask, "Who is this?" You had to say, "Hello." The DJ knew his part by heart and always said, "Hello? Is this Mrs. Smith?" Mrs. Smith had to say, "This is Mrs. Smith. I collect S&H Green Stamps! And S&H Green Stamps are free!" The DJ congratulated the lucky housewife, told her how many stamps she'd won, and you can guess the rest. The best parts--even better than being able to listen to the radio all day, although it was all country and western music, local news, the cattle report and church bulletins--were the pranks. 

Who would pass up an opportunity to get someone's goat? Grown women called at just the right time to get a friend or relative to take the bait, and once in awhile you got to know who was a true Christian, since a true Christian did not say a bad word when she realized it was a hoax. Pity the kid who called to ask, "Is your refrigerator running?" risking a missed opportunity because the DJ could call while the line was tied up! Remember the days of party lines? Someone was always listening, like a community big brother, and they'd tell on the dummy before the sun set.

See how nostalgia can feel like time travel? The World Stamp took me all the way back to my hometown in a blink. I saw all those licked stamps lined up like photos in a century of year books. I thought of all the saliva those housewives used on stamps instead of wetting a handkerchief on Sunday, seeing as how their saliva glands were just too worn out to work on the Sabbath. Thank you S&H Green Stamps for all the times I got the dry hanky when I woke after the sermon, with drool on my cheek. 

And there's this. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Do you remember when there was a box for local mail and one for out-of-town mail? This gem is from . . . Well, wait and see, but without my glasses this perplexed little woman reminds me of a young Elizabeth. 

I hope you had a great mail Monday. I did. I mailed some mail, and was mailed in return. Hope you were too. 

Wishing you a toothsome Tuesday!



  1. oh my what a wonderful post . the woman at the end looks a little on the latin side to me lol ...well I'm finally feeling better the ear drops was all I needed and that is a good thing considering what medicine costs these days . I think my grandmother would have had an attack when she would have gone to pick up her medicines considering all that she was on good lord !!! She would have spent a fortune these days LOL .doody jesus was her favorite saying when something was out of whack . Oh well guess that is enough for today .

    1. Does she really? LOL. She reminds me of a young Elizabeth from photos and documentaries. The woman's skirt does have elements that remind me of beautiful Mexican patterns.

      Glad you're feeling much better. Speaking of medicine prices, JC had to buy two tubes of creams for his hand. One cost a little over $300. The other was over $200. I am thankful because he could pay for them. Yes, he has insurance; premiums are $5 shy of costing $800 per month.

      Doody Jesus? LOL. Your grand sounds like she was quite a character too. Reminds me of Elsa's grand! Did you get the joke about a blind man walks into a bar. And a table. And a couple of chairs? Why is it always a blind man? :)

      Be well.

  2. I remember pasting those green stamps into the little booklets......And I went to the PO yesterday looking for those fabulous red & blue stamps and they weren't there and the clerk had absolutely no idea which ones I was talking about.......

    1. There were two stamps people saved back then, only one was red or orange. The green stamps won. All that fuss for cheap free products. The snuff glasses were better. LOL.

      Oh, but you have to order them! The stamps are pretty and well designed. The blue is just as pretty as the red. Shame on the clerk. That's like being a librarian who has never read a book!

      The outfit Ingrid wears in the photo is beautifully tinted. I've never been a fan of the colorized movies, but this image is lovely. I hope you get the stamps soon. Every letter writer deserves to have at least twenty of each. :)

  3. LOVE! I have ordered these as well. But no Elvis??

  4. Do you have them yet? The reds are awesome against the deep red envelope. The white wax is the coup de gras! My next combination will be "red, white, blue and you." Here's hoping the blue will work well with a red envelope. I think the white border will save the day.

    No, no Elvis. I was never a fan. I preferred Ricky Nelson, with his no acting self instead. :) I never cared for Humphrey Bogart either. LOL.