Friday, August 14, 2015


This could very well apply to my new pen. If dip pens drank ink like fountain pens with bladders that is. Okay. I tried. I held it in as long as possible. Now, I gotta tell you or burst! I'm a mama again! Meet Blanca. 

She's lighter than air. 

She has savoir flair!

Blanca is the perfect fit. And such character? No one told me pens had character. She reminds me of the little puppy in "John Wick." The little Beagle! If I could, I'd have her name engraved just below her flange. Thank you, Rodger! (Rodger's Pen Box. ) Thank you, Lindsey at The Postman's Knock! Blanca has a birthmark now. 

She fits right in with my other little darlings.

Blanca stands out while she fits right in. As soon as I post this I'm taking her for a spin. Practice makes perfect, or so they say. Perhaps all of my practice will pay off some day.

Surely, Shirley, it cannot get worse?


  1. I love it and guess what we got the house I'm so excited I'm already thinking where I'm going to put things . LOL ...well we will be in the new house November 1st I'm tickled pink or is rose ? LOL your new pens dear have fun with them and go hog wild LOL .

    1. Yea! I'm so happy for you two!!! And you get to spend Thanksgiving in your dream home. How amazing is that? I imagine you planning a Norman Rockwell holiday. :) Send pictures first chance you get, okay?

  2. Contratulations! Will be penning a letter to you soon. (thank you, (thank you!)

    1. Thank you! I've wanted one of Rodger's pens since the first time I saw one. No idea why I chose a light wood since I . . . Yes I do. :) It already has a "birthmark." Blanca is as different from my other favorite pen, which is dark, as night is from day.

      You're quite welcome. :)