Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I accidentally, unpurposefully became the owner of this gold plated nib signature pen the other day. Yesterday? I was on a quest to find bronze Leonardt 256 nibs. I went from  bronze to gold in no time. Writing with the new nib is noticeably different, but I'm not likely to need to perform a grand John Hancock any time soon, so possession is moot. Pretty is as pretty does, but moot works for me too. 

The gold ink leaked. This was the only package in the store. Perhaps I should have left it there, but someone had to rescue it. Right? Okay, I had a 50% off coupon that needed using.

Mail went out yesterday. I needed an excuse to use some of the new washi tape I bought the day before. The new mail clerk was fascinated with it. She'd never heard of "washing" tape before. Gee, but I love being an embellishment ambassador. Don't you?

Two letters went their separate way:  through the mail slot. Not over the counter.

Life-creates-art moments. This was a life imitating life moment, created quite by accident. I should have signed it!

Yea! I like surprises. No. I like pleasant surprises. Do you ever order something and forget about it, as in a watched-pot-never-boils kind of way? Some days I count the days after I place an order, and it seems to take doubly long to get here when I do. So, "order it and forget it is" my new motto. I opened the mailbox today, and I had an instant "What in the world . . ." moment. The envelope almost filled the box! It was my Bank Paper order! Have you tried it? 

I immediately wanted to return it because I dislike paying for damaged goods. If they're gonna get mussed or damaged I want to be the one to do it. But I did not want to wait for a new pad. (sigh)

See? You thought I was being a diva, didn't you? I know you did, and it's kind of okay. Even divas were created for a reason. Maybe they got that way after being fed up with accepting less-than-perfect whatevers, and put their feet down. Naturally people had to call them something unkind, hence, the word diva was coined.

I keep reading "bank" paper as "blank" paper, and my brain hesitates before moving on. It's like a mental hiccup that won't stop no matter how many times I look.

It writes beautifully. Sorry. The paper makes me believe I write beautifully, while the magic comes from the paper itself. It takes ink beautifully. It's better than . . . This is a knuckle-biter. It's almost-almost-almost better than Strathmore's Writing paper. Dang it! I hated saying that. So allow me a little wiggle room in case I change my mind later. Please? Or, you can try it yourself and decide. I just like good paper so much, and sometimes I'm seduced by a number of factors that might not be important to you. 

Here's a flip side view I like. I can easily use it as page 2 but why would I?

I used several inks, one of which is a combo of Winsor & Newton's blue and blue black inks. Are you good at mixing inks? The originals look alike. So does my attempt. 

It's prettier in the bottle. I finally found bottles I like right here in Katy. They beat the Progresso, Cento, and conserve jars Anna sent in the long-ago.Well, not the conserve bottles. They're easier to transport and are perfect for oblique pens. Thank you, Anna. 

I'm no longer embarrassed to tell of my experiment gone awry. I bought four bottles of expensive saffron for the bottles. I was just that desperate. I should return the unopened bottles, but I have a feeling they'll come in handy later on down the road. Paella, anyone?

I have a suspicion the ink evaporates via the cork. Does it? Am I right?

A picture is worth thousands of useless words in this case. 

Daler-Rowney makes the best acrylic ink. Last night I finally tried my bottle of "aged" ink. It's been in the ink cellar for over five years. I want all the colors! Too bad white isn't available.

Now, here's a look at the other part of my order.  I like smart packaging, I do. I'm unsure why I ordered Steno Blue Pumpkin nibs, but they've given me something to post about: Nibs shipped in tampons. Styrofoam tampons? Offended, are we? Oh, get over yourself. They looked like the first OB tampons, but no, they're not tampons. I like the nib unique protection though. How many times have you gotten bent nibs via mail? See? I'll reuse the little nib holders for some of my other loose nibs. Recycle is my second middle name.

Someone said, "Let there be mail." And there was! It's Patty Mail! I especially like this stationery since I'm a cat lady. We haven't had a dog since Daxx. Erin was in her Bert and Ernie stage. Simon and Minuet are our first real pets since then. Daxx, a gift from my good friend, the wild child, Jill, was perfect, is why. Just like Erin, no other child could surpass her, so we never needed another. No dog could ever surpass Daxx, so . . . It's not that way with friends though, is it? Different friends fill different needs. They bring different things to the friendship table. No two are alike although they might be similar. Friends are like a box of chocolates. You never ever know what you're likely to get. The same goes for letters. Don't you reckon? Thank you, Patty and . . . 


  1. did this post end with 'Thankyou Patty ...' ? Wasn't sure if something was missing. You have me all a flutter about rekindling my calligraphy skills. I must say I haven't had a good nib in my paws for a while so I look forward to scrolling along the page again!
    Our Griffin was our 'no other dog will do'...not sure if we'll ever get another. I understand.

    1. Kerry, do you ever over-delete in an attempt to edit? :) Once in awhile I lose my way. I've been guilty of posting the same photo twice too. This is the first time I lost a title so I'm not sure what happened this time. I've mis-scheduled posts, and posted drafts. I don't know what happened this time. I hope I'm forgiven. :)

      Please do rekindle your calligraphy skills and teach me a thing or three. I'm trying to undo what I never learned to do properly. You have posts with examples of your calligraphy??? Do tell! And tell where.

      See? There's only one Griffin, just as there's only one Daxx. :) Another puppy with a totally different personality might be in your future? I hope.

  2. well now that mouse has appeared again in your post . I certainly do like him and forgive me if he is a rat . I hate the new pen and it has a fine nib and I don't like fine nibs and I cannot change the nib because frankly it is just too darn hard for me to do something like that , believe me when I say I have tried , I really have so hopefully someone will find it in their heart to trade me a med nib fountain pen for this fine nib fountain pen . well onward and upward .

    1. LOL! You're seeing mice.

      Aw, gee, not the new pen. You were so excited to have it. Can you return it? There's no sense in keeping something that does not meet your expectations. See if they will let you exchange it, or the nib.

    2. okay he or she is a mouse got it put a hat on him or her . No it would cost me more to return . figures right ? not bad . just something that happens . take care got my waterman fountain phileas back to working .