Monday, August 10, 2015

Feeling Like a Kid Again


. . . continued.

B&N mostly fails when it comes to stationery. I've had to learn to make do, so I did it again with this cute journal. It more than pays for itself every time I use it.

From beginning . . .

. . . to end.

I'm saving this page for a special challenge. The problem is dealing with the other side. I can always scan and print both, right? We'll see.

I especially like the "color me" pages. I can write a letter and the recipient can add the color! Imagine the sweet little message the wee birdie will bring to sweeten a morning or afternoon cup. Maybe that's a mint leaf? Stevia? 

I especially like having a full spread for a long rambling letter! Four pages of stationery, marred only by tiny bookbinding threads.

Snip, snip, and snip. When I dismantle with ease--creating stationery's a breeze. 

Pretty posies and avian friends . . . The most taxing part? Deciding what color ink to write with. L is for Limner and lavender. P is for palaver written down between friends.

I'm not in agreement with this quote, but since it came with the journal . . . why not use it as an example of what you can do in one's own hand? Be inspired, I tell myself! Use the illustrations for unleashing your inner artist, and draw your own! Take up one of the little watercolor kits, pull out the colored pencils, or markers, and I'm good to make my own summer stationery! A matching stamp and it's bound to impress. Smarting up a plain white envelope is as good as spilling paint on a plain white tee.

We've heard how less is more. Right? Well, stay tuned for a pretty project that turns the idea on its ear! 

. . . to be continued.

But, before I say goodnight, I want to share the day's delight! A handsome stack of mail went out this afternoon. Okay. I missed the 2:30 pick-up deadline, so tomorrow's the day it'll be gathered before it heads your way. 

Huck Finn graces one side of the lone package. I mailed the first copy of "Edible Houston!" My favorite mail clerk read the Huck Finn excerpt while I played a little. B&N, what a clever marketing campaign! I highlighted . . .

"Call me Ishmael" on the opposite side. Ishmael, Fishmail . . . You get it, right? 

I practically crowed. Okay, I crowed. Then I listened.

Write on!


  1. sounds like you had a jewel of a day , LOL get it , crown , jewel ? I could not resist .Had a disappointment yesterday but will be done with on Friday and all will be well . enjoyed the post and a good one as well . take care and hope all is well .

    1. LOL! I don't get it. Aw gee, disappointment comes to pass, right? Keep your head up. :)

  2. Nice stationery and nice postmarks.

    1. Thank you. I'm getting better at both. :)