Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dear Limner,

Does this mean I will never be self-less? Please, dear Lord?

In case it takes decades, please note this is well-made and built to last. Ahem.

The envelope pockets are well crafted.

Each envelope has a special title. Cute artistamps! Hand cancels, too!

Such stickers!


Note the writing tip.

The "envelope" folds out into a letter.

Don't forget to read the back! Then try it out. 

A true story: I overheard a daughter's comment to her mother yesterday. They were going up the aisle I'd just strolled down, and as we passed, the daughter chided her mother: "Mom, every time you go shopping you look for gifts for someone else." Mother didn't say anything. She just smiled. Listening for a response would have given me away as an eavesdropper, so I turned up the opposite aisle, but I thought of this gift I bought for me over a week ago. I tried to treat myself as I would a friend. I bought me a totally useless gift. (Laugh)

I first saw it in Chronicle Books' online store some months back. It did not appeal to any part of me then, so I passed and bought the Typewriter Notes instead. Seeing it again in Barnes & Noble encouraged me to change my mind. I did. No, I have not used it yet. If I don't use it before Christmas, well . . . Happy Christmas, someone! But, I believe--maybe--that I bought it as a response to . . . Well, when I read passages from old journals I always pause to consider the "me" that I was back-back-back when I wrote those words. Surely they were important enough back then to save as a record of my life, otherwise why would I have committed them to paper? 

To date, every journal is intact. I have not ripped out any one page, or entire sections after a read-back. You become good at manual deletion by the time you're sixteen. Right? Mortification decreases with age and wisdom, I assure you. But still, who writes letters addressed to themselves? "Let me see," said the blind man. 


  1. hey there great post . well we did it , we pulled the trigger we made an offer on a house and we will know by Friday if they accepted the offer and then we can give our notice we are no longer apt dwellers after 60 days . If this is right everything will come together so just keep your fingers crossed for me . and be watching your mail cause I sent you something unless of course you already have gotten it , take care and have an awesome day /night whatever time it is , enjoy it .

    1. Yea! Crossing my digits too!

      I hope to do a mail run before the weekend. It's so hot plastic mailboxes are wilting and falling over. This bit comes courtesy of a weather reporter. Photo was included. :)

      Stay cool.

  2. I regret that I destroyed my teenage journals which were full of what would have been very interesting doodles and thoughts to look at. I was trying to be cathartic at one time and burned the 3 of them. How short sighted of me. I must say I have a big wooden box full of old love letters and postcards that I kept after I read a quote that said "never throw away your old love letters" . Not too profound but wise words indeed. In amongst those letters and cards was letter from my sister from years ago. So glad I kept that since I lost her 4 years ago now. It was so lovely to see her handwriting again. She was always so dilligent about sending birthday cards and thankyou notes.

    1. I destroyed mine too. I used to burn them! The practice continued into my twenties. Boyfriends can be such insecure creatures. My oldest date back to the 80s, when I had more to work through and record. I wish I'd kept the drawings too. :)

      Profound can be short and powerful, as you've just proved. I saved a few love letters, but I wrote more mail than I got. You are richer by far. Most of the cards and letter from family are from my youngest sister who passed too. I still have the texts she sent before her heart stopped roughly four years ago. I still dream of her. She never forgave me for forgetting her birthday. I could not remember for the life of me! I was always one day off. She died soon after her last birthday. See? I cannot remember the date, even now.

      The photo of your sister looks prophetic. I had a feeling it was her when I saw it. She was already becoming a part of the light. It's interesting that you chose that photo. I'm truly sorry for your loss. I know how that feels now. Over time grief is slowly turning into memories that are easier to probe. In cleaning my studio I come across unexpected photos of her. They still make me catch my breath!

      Thanks for bringing her to the front of my memory again. Your sister looks lovely. You chose the perfect photo of her to share.