Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cleaning Can Be Fun

The magic of mail will surprise you. I sent a sheet of metal in a box across the pond. It turned into this. I cannot buy personal planes for all the young men I know but I might send my dragonfly. I haven't even taken it out of the box. Intimidation does that, but sometimes I bluff myself with, "If a nine year old can do it, so can you!" It hasn't worked yet, so we will see." Thank you, James. You did an amazing job. Thanks for making me think I can. P.S.  Tell your mom I do like that fabric. 

This belongs with that. In my mind they match. I don't think I'm ready to share this cool envelope from JarieLyn just yet, but since I feel a little pressure to share it, I have. I reserve the right to return to it in a future post. An explanation will follow then, but not the Scotch tape in the lower left. You cannot see it in this photo but there are thin ribbons beneath the tape. They survived! Thanks, J.

This is a blast from the past. I never archived this letter from Shannah. I pray that I answered because I like this envelope a lot. That "Limner" is underscored with such flair, isn't it? Thank you. Very much.

I first saw this beauty on a blog about postcards. I thought it was beautiful then, and it is even more beautiful up close. I am partial to sepia photos and monos, yet the blue awnings add something totally special to the scene. And the patch of light hanging out just past the calligraphy? Totally ethereal, isn't it? This one deserves a mat-frame-hang.

I like this postcard! So I was upset that it was damaged by The Mangler. Randall, thank you. It came soon after I posted about space. You totally blindsided me with this one too. I'm a graphic designer who appreciates such dynamic graphics. Of course this scene reminded me of . . . I see the cover yet the title escapes me. It also reminds me to finish "The Martian." My imagination soars every time I look at this. I'm not sure I'd live in a moon colony if I could though. I need growing stuff, and color. Do no appreciate ducking things that make craters either. I would not be averse to a lunar vacation. Maybe. Where do you find all these good things, R? 

Ta-da! She remembered! Thank you, dear Patty. Here are the Apollo stamps! I often wonder what it might be like to float through space, although I dislike tight spaces. Put me in a closed MRI and I start to lose it. Even with my eyes closed. How I'd make it in a space capsule is beyond my ken, which means s going via my imagination is the only way to go. Oh! There's the Star Trek way! Wouldn't that be cool? If it worked? 

I left drawer-cleaning for a day of work in my studio. I put in over five hours today. I didn't punch my time clock last night, so I've no idea how long I was in there, but I went back. Good things came from both visits. I'm finding all kinds of good stuff I'd forgotten I have. Like this stationery. Does anyone out there recognize it? These cards and envelopes are several years old. I buy, I put away, I forget, I find, and scratch my head, sometimes in wonder. These are so big. "How big?" you ask. Wait and see. 

Talk about a blast! I loved my lime green top. It was a V neck! My favorite type of tee. My Mail Muse is no longer pink. 

Alex might have been three when I drew this. It's easy to see where I ran into trouble. Imagining a bird riding a dinosaur is a lot easier than drawing it. He and I used to draw pictures and stick them between the fence slats, until he was old enough to come next door on his own. 

Limner 'toons weren't just for kids. This went out to Dodson, D., back when he was sick. Or was it after surgery? Sometimes I forget.

JC asked me why I have children's toys. He had to ask? Dinosaurs roam freely about the kitchen and meander upstairs on occasion. No, they don't drink from the toilet! Dino have class. They sip from a glass. 

The M&Ms guy has been around since the 90s. My little mama gave me the pig incense holder. I had to pinch myself! 

Redundancy pays. 

The blue stamp is just as cool, I promise! And, speaking of space . . . The blues are perfect matches. I used white wax for the seal again. Had Morpheus presented me with a red envelope and a blue envelope, and had I been Neo, the story would have been a whole other story. I'd still be trippin' since I'd have taken both.

Here's my five-or-six letter stack. Hopefully it goes out with tomorrow's mail. 

Along with pickle mail. 

Blue on white is cool too. So are my planets and moon.

This goes way way back. I used Rhodia in this galaxy, long long ago!

Christmas indignities indeed! A ball point pen that skipped, is what it was. Each sheet of my Rhodia mouse pad was precious, so no way did I want to waste it.

Did you ever have a Clic Bloc? I still have most of mine. This habit of saving the good stuff until I forget it isn't good. Sometimes the good goes bad, then it's waste. The Clic Bloc has only aged to perfection though. Every page and the back still love a pencil and ink. Cleaning drawers and studios is like opening time capsules. Perhaps I should do it more often. I'm putting together at least one grab box for some poor unsuspecting soul. This is the only warning.

Nothing is outdated.  Flashbacks are free fun. 


One more time . . .


Finally! I wanted to share an article I've been saving about the National Postal Museum, but of course I've misplaced it. Thank you, Angela! I still dream of visiting the museum, and I've added a trip to the 2016 World Stamp Show to my Bucket Wish List. Yes, I'm willing to take a nibble out of the Big Apple, all because of those stamps. But, if I had to choose? I'd do both! 

. . . there's more to come.


  1. Wow! thats a lot of catching up!! Love the blue ones with the planets! Oh what the hell...I love them all!!

    1. It's a bit embarrassing rediscovering things I've forgotten. The fun I experience makes up for it. :)

      Wow! You can tell they're planets? For real? My knuckle heads said they're exploding cells. :) Thank you. I hope you like what's headed your way.