Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Red Letter Day

Finally! My Red Letter Day is here. I forget where I put all the information I spent time gathering on the subject. Clever file names don't help if you forget them, so I've stopped searching. For now. But no way did I want to miss this opportunity to show you how great red is for mail. There's a book and a movie about the color purple, so why not a post about red? I used red ink to write my four-page message. It's all so cool-and-red-and-red-ical. Here is a quote I borrowed from Wikipedia on the origins of red-letter day, which is different from my Red Letter Day. 

"In Medieval manuscripts, initial capitals and highlighted words (known as rubrics) were written in red ink." What about the red days on calendars? you wonder. Remember? Holidays are red for sure. We used to write our birthdays on our family calendar the day the new calendar came home. Someone wrote them with indelible red pencils. Remember those? Red on one end--blue on the other? Did you lick it to make the red "lead" darker? Those pencils were my first paints. I had red, blue and pencil gray. Mama always knew who got to the new calendar first. Red lips and tongues were dead giveaways. She eventually broke us of the habit when she warned us the red and blue "leads" were poisonous. Ha! She may have broken us from putting the points in our mouths, but ur cousin Charles showed us how to spit in our palm, and twirl the pencil tip until we got a juicy dark red. I could use an entire pencil in a weekend. Children should be inventors before they outgrow their original thinking. 

No, this is not all there is to my Red Letter Day. A month of red letters is on my events horizon. See you in the red, someday.

Not to be outdone, I went blue-sky on my second letter. Ink wise. Wishing I'd gone with walnut ink and suitable embellishments, but Ingrid is beautiful no matter what she's on. I watched "Gaslight" until her weak woman acting finally made me scoff. I always saw her as a strong, clever, and vulnerable actress, but vulnerable in a strong sense. Anyway, I got over the handwringing desperation that once tugged my heart strings. It happened this summer. The light loved her face! We all loved Ingrid Bergman, so how dare that bad movie-husband of hers mistreat the diamond he married. 

Flow Magazine did a story on this amazing woman, and they were not kind to Americans in the telling. Her countrymen/women accused Americans of trying to "destroy" her because some accused her of having loose morals. Remember the scandal? Well, times have changed, right? And Ingrid still reigns as an icon. She's on my letter.

I like her so much I gave her two wax seals and a stamp! And I used the expensive embellishments! By expensive, I mean store-bought. Hehehe! I still have 12 x 12 stacks of adhesive backed goodies from before Archiver's took most of my pen money. 

Add another Foot Note to my repertoire, and I will have written three letters in two days. I missed the mailman this afternoon. I chose not to run in the rain to get them in the box on time. I did the envelope while "Jeepers Creepers" was on, hence the foot, although the movie was not about feet. In the end it was all about Derry's eyes, wasn't it? 

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . It's also dinner time.


  1. Replies
    1. Wait until you see them up close! :) Now I want to know who designed them.

  2. the scandal you are referring to is the one she had with Roberto rosellini and she had her daughter Isabella rosellini ? yes he I believe was married at the time . It was a big scandal back then and then by todays standards , eh no big deal unfortunately our morals are somewhat lacking these days .My ears are better but I do believe the cold has settled in one of my eyes it is swollen and really read it hurts ouch !!! LOL I'm such a baby sometimes .

    1. Woman, you know your history! :) The article in Flow did a good job on fleshing her out as a woman in love, who happened to be a great actress. Remember the scandal that was Liz Taylor's life? Their lives pale in comparison to today's Hollywood scandals.

      Loose morals have always been a part of the norm. Why I recall King David coveting someone else's wife, sending her husband off to war to get him out of the way, all because he saw the woman bathing on the roof. Wait! That was the first sex tape in a way. I wonder if the scribe saw it or took the king's word for it? LOL! Laughing so hard here! You bring out the naughty in me.

      Wow. Infection spreads, you know. Don't stop taking your medication until it's all gone. Or else. :)

      Be well.

  3. Oh my goodness, that's beautiful!

    1. Each element of the design works perfectly, doesn't it? Do you plan to buy them? I hope you will. Every letter writer should have these. :)