Friday, July 24, 2015

The Longest Day

I just checked the time. It's only 6:00. I started dinner two hours ago. I had to stop. It's too early. I asked for blueberry donut holes from Dunkin Donuts. This will be the second time I've ever eaten anything from DD. I'm craving blueberry donuts. Cake donuts. I think it's because of the words, POWER, DRAMA, EXCESS. I think the advert came last year. I do know that the idea of seeing the exhibit only occurred to me after I saw the date. I was busy turning the ad into a big postcard.

This is it. I think I saw something on PBS about it too. So, halt the postcard-making! I pored over the image after that. How do the explain the wig(s)? The dress? All those bows? No wonder royalty needed dressers. I visited the MFAH's site, and oh, oh, oh, wow me some more. Yes, I have a date for tomorrow. Back when I lived near the museum/theatre district I rarely visited because of the shifts I worked, and none of my friends . . . I'd visit every weekend now if I could. I'm actually excited. Last time I visited the Museum of Natural History I flew off several sets of stairs, arced through the air, landed in the lobby, did an elegant skid for several feet, and came to a stunned stop at the feet of the ticket-taker, in the same place where our tour of Lucy started. 

We learned about the Habsburgs in school. So why do I always-always-always spell  the name Hapsburg? Never mind. I was excited last night too. To distract myself I wrapped several gifts, found the letters meant to be mailed yesterday and today . . . wrote several more . . .

And, finally reused a Barnes&Noble bag for something other than box filler. I didn't know I was following their tip until I saw the please reuse or recycle advice. I really got busy then. The bag was a perfect fit for the box.

Pretty cool, huh?

Romeo got all wrapped up in the project.

This was fun. Almost too much. Artists are such awesome people. As are writers. And colorists.

The FLOW address label, and the other label aren't the best for the graphics, and yes, I could have done better, but . . .

I think the "with care" business almost made up for my lapse, don't you think? I mean, I have papers and ink that match the bag, but so what? I'll get another shot at matching it all  with the next round of gift-sending. Where's the "Handle" you ask? The witch is lying on it of course!

There's more but it's time to start dinner for real this time. I ate the one donut they had, and me thinks it was leftover from this morning. Grease--stale grease rebounds against my palate every time I inhale or swallow. Never again. This has been one of the longest days. May it end soon. Greasy blueberry burps are gross and unfair.


  1. I like your idea of reusing the B&N bag. Sorry about the DD blueberry burps, though I have to admit that I giggled when I read what you wrote. Hope tomorrow is restful.

    1. :) I like good bags. Thanks for your sympathy. I promised to never eat DD again. I bought fresh blueberries. :)

      Thanks for hoping goodness for me. Turns out I needed it, but goodness followed. :) See? Good energy does good works.

  2. Your retelling of your elegant skid made me laugh. I had quite a visual in my head.

    Donuts are one of my vices. We have a donut shop called Pink Box Donuts in Vegas and they are so good. The first time I went there it was crowded with so many people in line. I felt overwhelmed and rushed so when they didn't have the maple or chocolate bar I was craving, I was forced to make a quick decision and get something totally foreign to me---- a chocolate cake donut covered with cocoa crispies, (which I'm not a fan of as a cereal to begin with). I was kicking myself as I walked back to my car wondering why I chose this donut with cereal on top of it. Well, I have to say, it turned out to be one of the best donuts I have ever had. Yummy in my tummy.

    1. It was hilarious although I ended up being wheeled to the ER across the street from the museum. JC said one minute I was standing next to him, and then I was airborne. It broke me from singing "I believe I can fly."

      I liked my mama's homemade donuts until my friend, Janice turned me on to Krispy Kreams in SC. They're the best when they're fresh from the fat vat, all hot and sweet. I never ate them after I moved to Texas. :) I like for my calories to count. LOL. Scones are/were my weakness. WFM used to have the best ever. I'm glad they changed vendors, otherwise I'd be a waddler.

      See? I cannot even begin to imagine eating anything with cocoa crisps on anything. I probably miss out on a lot, huh? I've never had chocolate cake donuts either. Hmm.