Saturday, July 25, 2015

“The Best Laid Schemes o' Mice an' Women, Gang Aft Agley

I was so excited last night; took me too long to fall asleep.Writing a letter is as good as counting sheep on such nights. 

Broke out the high five note paper cum stationery . . . 

All adrenaline pumps were for naught. A single phone call dashed my dream day. No museum. The Habsburgs had to shine for others instead of for JC and me. He promised we'd go next time he's home. We had a nice lunch at our favorite cafe after I got a new pair of Brooks. To top things off, we stopped by my bookstore and bought a fresh off the press and pallet copy of .. . . drumroll . . . 

You know I'm all about the Flow, about the FLOW, about the Flow! The people at FLOW confused me with this one. It's the size. Is it a European thing? It's roughly 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 3/4. I guess they're less mindful of the size and content than they are about the price, because I feel cheated. Or am I just another greedy American? 

Don't get me wrong. It's a nice, helpful little thing, but . . .  Let me share a peek or three to let you judge for yourself. Hang on . . .

Open. There's this. Right off the bat there's a little sweetness.

See? I told you.Can you read the type at the bottom of the page? It tells you what you can do with them.

There's always a place to stake ownership. I like this one, especially.

You get a little journal. One thought a day? Okay. One is good but I can just see me making a mountain out of which mole hill to to include. (sigh)

Very pretty. Very, very pretty.

Beautiful. For not-so-beautiful words. Maybe beauty softens the things being let go of? What if I run out of space?  

Wouldn't it be nice to have these words inscribed on a simple silver band? I'd wear it on my thumb, or my right index finger.

This would make a great poster. I treated myself as I would treat a good friend who'd had her museum hopes dashed. How often do you?

This is my favorite part! The best part! You knew, didn't you? You suspected? Oh, you should see the stuff they did for snail mailers. Expect some FLOW mail.

I guess Victor Hugo had experience with sinter and sun moments too. At first glance it read, Victor Hug. I kept looking for a Y. As in victory hug, which made even less sense.

Okay. This makes the book worth the price of almost five lattes. I don't do lattes, or blueberry cake donuts anymore either, so make it the price of an oblique nib holder on sale. The page folds out to four-pages-wide collage space. I'll bet no one else ever gave you that much fun space before! I'd like to turn mine into a super long letter. With illustrations? You?

Goodness no. I hope not. I didn't make any such promises! Heck, I don't even know what I was thinking last month, let alone promised. It's a rosy little last page though. And there's a red covered surprise near the end, before this last page, but I won't tell you about it. You have to see for yourself. But, okay, perhaps it's worth the price?

In case you're not convinced, there's this beginning . . .

. . . and this final note.

Four letter/messages and one postcard went out today, thanks to JC. I'll mail packages on Monday. 

Perhaps some of you recall this image from a box of notecards a few years back? It made lovely postcards. I still feel the way this cat looks. And I still enjoy giving the photo a good going over. I can only imagine how long it took to illustrate this. Some people have such amazing talents.

I finally found a use for this box.

Aside from collecting dust, it's perfect for the new nib holder and nibs. I want a nap so it's time to get up and move. I'll go feed the birds, sip a little ice water, shade my eyes and rock for a spell. Have a granddaddy of a day!

With mucho gusto,

P.S. Since no editing was done on this post, please consider all mistakes deliberate and final. The will be no do-overs or refunds. Everything must be read "as is." 


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  1. oh my gosh you are too funny . Gotta love those grammar police don't ya LOL ...okay well this was another awesome post and take care my friend .

    1. LOL! The pill I take for bone pain probably affects my brain too. I've been accused of possessing an acerbic wit, but I've never been considered funny. So thank you. We should do pomegranate margaritas some day. :)

      I live in Texs. Do you reckon the grammar police might shoot me some day? Taser me? :)

      Listening to you, I take such good care of myself my neighbor says I'm spoiled. :D

      Be you own best friend, okay?

  2. I found a Flow magazine at Barnes and Noble but it was 22.50 so I left it on the shelf. (It wasn't even the current issue) It was beautiful though.

    1. Aww, gee, now. Flow is one of the few magazines I find to be worth every dime. It's easy to use up, share, and even keep some of the best parts for yourself. I use my membership and the 20% discount coupons I get, and end up not minding the price. And, yes, it's beautiful and interesting. Europeans have a different artist eye that intrigues me. I hope you will treat yourself to a copy of Flow soon. The Book is a fun investment.

      I always think "Jim Dandy" when I see Timpani. :) It never fails to make me smile.

  3. I fell out of the blogosphere for like a year or something, and today I am dipping my toe in with the "last few posts" of old friends. and OH MY it is such a rabbit hole of goodness. Why did I never know about Flow? I want to live in their website. Image what will happen if I hold one of their beautiful publications in my hand.

    1. Karen! I thought of you when I saw the art in the Westin lobby in Chicago. You should be in Artful Blogging Magazine, to begin with. I follow your creations like a moon-sick calf., all the while wishing I could do what you do. Since I cannot, I admire from afar.

      You HAVE to get a copy of Flow, and you have to be a featured artist. They have American artists on their like list. :) I'm all over their website: wishing and dreaming and sighing. Go! Get a copy! Then make us prouder. :)