Friday, July 10, 2015

That's No Bull!

Okay, so it is. It's also the star sign I was born under. Can't you imagine the Minoan bull dancers putting on a show with this guy? I wonder how they kept their skirts from falling in their eyes when they were upside down. Hmm. I once dated a hunk who boasted that he was "strong like bull." His Russian accent was terrible, but yes, he was strong. Just after I took this photo, a young boy told his mom, "I sure wish I get sit on that." I told him "I sure wish I could too." I'm not sure why he looked at me like I'd said something out of line. I didn't look for a price tag, because I wasn't the least bit interested in owning it. Besides, if I did, where would I put it? Plus, it's not as pretty up close. Poor craftsmanship cheapened it. Eye candy is what it is. The sleek lines, muscular stature, and the strength it conveys . . . Okay. Wow. The artist captured the . . . It's the shoulders. That neck. The tips of its horns lay on the floor. Poor bull. 

There was all this other good stuff aside from that bull. Oh, the pillows! With mail prints, no less. I almost bought the drawers. They held such promise.

But I have two Bisley cabinets. One blue. One white. Stacked. And I'm running out of room. The drawers are quite deep. I'll add the labels some day. Maybe. I've had a top drawer kind of day! I just saw my first cardinal!!! My binoculars are never far from my side when I sit before this window. I haven't used my cameras in months but one is always near. I'm shaking. The bluejays came to stay. Now, I  have at least one cardinal. And just as I decided to stop buying seeds. They're decimating my grapes and figs. 

I finally have a wooden oblique pen too! See? A real top drawer day this is! The mailman sat it right in front of the door so I saw it from the street. I'm so happy I could just spit. This made up for my date with the bookseller falling through. It lessens the pain and that's no bull either. The pain pill takes longer to kick in but good distractions make up for it. A little. Paper & Ink Arts come through for me every time. If I pay for priority mail I get priority delivery. The quality never disappoints. They get five of my stars. 

Practice makes perfect! I know. But I can never say it too often. Isn't she lovely? She needs a name. Right? It has to be a grand one too. Thinking . . .

You know what? I was away, out and about, keeping appointments, shopping, and running errands from 9 - 5. That's a full work shift! I went to Sugarland and back, doubled back to the outskirts of Katy and a little bit into Houston, and back again. I passed our house at least three times. The mail was late, but there was mail in both boxes! I got a letter from Anna. I've been worried about her. Not worried. Concerned. Her father passed recently. Patty is . . . doing about as well as can be expected, but she's a trooper. And she hasn't lost her sense of humor. 

Hahaha! Boots and spurs and Stetsons! A harmonica too! Ropes and steers. I like the lassoed address field. No bull! Thank you, Anna.

Isn't this worth writing about? Such symmetry and patriotism can't be beat. You can't beat it with a stick, Randall. Thank you, sir. I Googled Southwest Virginia, and did I get an eyeful. Why does this building look like a short silo behind a short lighthouse between a barn cut in two? See? I cannot go sightseeing in foreign countries when America has so much to see. 

I think this card is super cool but I think it's sexist. And . . . I believe that as long as there are letter writers, life will have zest. So. Which came first? The letter writer or the deliverer. The writer of course! (grin) Thank you again, mister Harris. The Janis stamp looks great on this envelope it; it matches my sky. The envelope does. And it matched the way I felt when I first sat down. 

Yes! My life often feels like a merry-go-round. Or as some say, a carousel. I loved these when I was a kid. I gladly handed over my cotton candy to my mama when it came to getting a ride. I didn't even mind that she ate more of mine than Betty's. I held on so tight I should have grown up to be a cowgirl, 'cause I was just that good. Daddy said I was anyway. I cross-stitched a beaut of a carousel horse for Erin when she was about eight. Bought her a music box too. We know they were more for me than her, don't we? (sigh) Thank you, Lynda and Davia. Thanks for stirring up such lovely memories. 

A single letter went out today. This will be a letter-writing weekend for this happy limner. Oh! Oh! Oh! Another cardinal! Much smaller than the first. I wish the windows weren't screened! I'm so happy I don't mind the starlings so much. Since I've written through dinner . . . I'm off to order Chinese. Happy Friday! No bull.


  1. wow sounds like you had a banner of a day . I intend to have one today (Saturday ) . Great post as always . well my dear you take care and stay cool and drink plenty of water . Okay m'lady take care dear . Im going to have a spot of breakfast and we are off . take care and have a wonderful day writing letters .

    1. I sure hope you lived it up on Saturday! I wrote just enough to keep my word. :) So much goes on on a weekend, it's hard to stay on point.

  2. NBC News, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10112
    Just put Lester Holt c/o of this address ...I will keep this addy in my top drawer just in case we need it again . It was hard to find but I had determination , I would not be defeated ....write on my dear .

    1. I knew that! It's the same as always, so not sure why I couldn't find it. You're a sweetheart! Thanks. I wrote and mailed my letter. :) Poor Mr Holt.