Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One-a-Day Makes Two Look Like a Windfall

This sticky heat is what makes us move along at a snail's pace in my part of Texas. I tell you,  sometimes I feel like a Lucifer Match walking blind folded through a sandpaper maze in the dark. Almost all the rain I harvested for my greenies is gone. There was a rain shower yesterday yet you wouldn't know it unless someone told you. I am puzzled. How did we ever rip and run in the summer back when we were kids? Oh! Never mind that! Listen. Letter-writing made the news again today. Parents are posting their children's letters from camp online. They're funnier than imagined and just as sweet as you might imagine. AND . . .  Teachers are getting their students to write letters. You'd think it was the second coming of The War of the Worlds the way they're going on about it. And you know the news reader said those dreaded words. Yes, he, Lester Holt, said "the lost art of letter writing." I'll be sending him a letter soon. You have no idea how many letters I write of y'all's behalf. Does anyone write back? No. But I point them in the direction of what I consider to be the best letter-writing-promoting blogs, IMHO. I mentioned several of you to the postmaster general's adjutant. Ha! Didn't know that, did you? 

What? I should be answering my own mail instead? Is that what you're thinking? In case you are, what makes you think I'm not? I'm doing at least what that major vitamin company considers the recommended daily requirements, or whatever it is. One a day is the same as "one is better than none." If I write one before midnight, and one after midnight, they count as two. And, two on the nightstand are worth more than three in a bush. 

It costs more to send a square than a rectangle. Imagine that.

You know the Ed Sheeran song that's so popular now? The one about remembering love, and how his and hers will be evergreen, 'cause they found love right where they are? Well, that's how I feel about my memories sometimes. Ed says "it's all part of the plan." I want to remember the enthusiasm I feel about learning something new, simply because . . . Because I have the time to invest in doing something I've wanted since I was a girl. It's like finally having more books than I'll ever read. I never had enough when I was growing up. It was that way with having pen pals. I was an adult before I had my first foreign pen friend. My best American pf, an artist,  lived in Rhode Island; we wrote to each other for years. And I finally get to write letters and mail them in red envelopes! And with white ink, no less! So I want one. It'll go out in tomorrow's mail. (grinning) See? Silly is fun. Try it, okay? Some day, someone will come across this in my journal and wonder. Wonder what? Who cares? 

You don't even have to ask, do you? The envelope managed to get stuck in the feathers that are stuck in the zebra's tail. The envelope is actually on top of some books. Optical illusions are cool. So are letters.

Yes, it's practice. I do well when I practice, then, when I go for an actual envelope I choke. Or there's a spasm from overuse of a sore muscle. Use it or lose it. The bone-on-bone diagnosis whispers a message of urgency to my desire to do something well. 

My new oblique pen is on its way, so hooray! The woodworker doesn't have to fell a tree, allow time for the wood to dry, take time to whittle  and drill, fit, varnish, dry, assemble, pack and ship this one. I will finally own a lovely oblique nib holder. 

As you're able to see, I'm a day shy of being a month behind with my reply to this lovely letter. Eight or nine follow behind this one. I get a kick out of this every time I see this trio. Aren't they cute? What's the backstory here I wonder.

The stickers are crazy fun! I promised Alex I'd let him put some on his next letter. He thinks I have the coolest pen friends anyone could hope for. He's right of course. These guys make me want a bike even more, when I know good and well I can no longer ride. Not if I love my cervical spine, I won't. But I can dream. Heck. I have trouble driving on bumpy roads. And that rainbow? The kite and paper plane? Did you ever try to make a kite from newspaper when you were a kid? Did you ever get it to fly? Have you seen the designs for modern paper planes? Anyway, when's the last time you flew a kite?

There's this too. I'll show you something extra special in my next post! This paper is prettier than it looks here. Tomorrow, the scanner gets put back in action! 'Tis time to load the dishwasher or watch "Extant." 

BTW . . . Will you take a look at this and tell me what you think? Red Elephants. Would you? I would if I could! Oh, boy, but I would. Mmm-hmm, for real.


  1. I have something in the works , oh my how you have put my mind to work my dear and may I say another great blog . take care and drink plenty of water and yes sticky heat is nasty . take care .

    1. I'm on pins and needles! Do tell!

      I keep my Kleen Kanteen rilled to the brim. I drink it dry several times throughout the day. Water is m favorite beverage. :) Now you do the same, okay?

  2. hi there hold on to your boot straps , I penned a letter to Lester Hold at nbc in regards to his statement that Letter writing is a lost art . I felt I needed to address that and please write him as well so he knows that I am not the only one out there . I felt a real letter would far outweigh an email and only prove his point and not mine . let us see if he writes either one of us back .

    1. LOL! GMTA? I feel the way Saul might have felt on his trip to Damascus. I think I finally get it. Lester, and others like him are actually doing the institution of letter writing a major favor. Think about it. One of the best ploys to get a majority of people on board a band wagon is to say there's a resurgence of something. Know what I mean? Humans want to be on the hip train. Have you mailed you letter to Lester? I will pen mine tonight because I've got your back. :) I wrote to the Ellen Show after she started with the "write me" campaign. ;)

      Write on! You're something else. LOL. I like Lester.