Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not a Day Goes By . . .

. . . without mail. Or reading. Yes, I had to run into B&N on my way home after an appointment this afternoon. I've bought a few of the adult coloring books they offer, and needed just one more. I saw the paperback the moment I crossed the threshold. The bookseller told me the other day that paperbacks wouldn't be out any time soon! I feel duped. So here's a heads up. They're he-e-re.

Project Red is not quite in full swing just yet, but it's gathering steam. 

I stopped by the discount table at the back of the store, and guess what. I found another set of these beauties. The envelopes are so red! I visited three stores last week in my search for these paper rubies. Their web site let me know they were no longer in stock online, and they might not ever be again. I did not give up hope though. Seeing these today created a great big "lo! and behold" moment in my day. I should show you the fifteen reds I bought at Texas Art Supply! Ooh, lah! Soon. Real soon. And I cannot believe that Blake and Miranda are divorced. Surely it's a publicity stunt.

Okay, so I did buy a new book, but I couldn't help it. I made it as far as page nine before I had to put it aside. My plan is not to read from it again until Sunday evening after the world is awash in heart-felt prayers. Sunday prayers work as buffers against me and the darkness in the world. 

Okay again. I'm subscribing to The Sun again. Used to be I only bought the copies that beckoned to me after I cancelled my subscription. Copies stacked up to shameful levels when I didn't have time to read them religiously, "so where's the sense in that," I asked. The contents can be a little depressing at times, but still . . . there's good writing between those awesome covers.

My once-secret delight, "Garden & Gun" is getting better. There seems to be more content than ads in this issue, making it a cover-to-cover goodie. If I could, I'd scan and upload every page for your enjoyment and proof of what I declare. It's just that good. Since i cannot, I hope you'll grab a copy. 

I bought more of the Aladine nibs. They're not fantastic, but I seem to run through these like a meat-eater goes through toothpicks. No offense intended either, since I know most meat-eaters floss. 

These are from the other day, but don't they seem to match the photo that comes before? I got them to go with the last coloring book I mailed. I forgot to include them, so they're mine now. It was the fonts that got to me. I like type.

Have you calligraphers ever used these? The Plume d'Vie, Schreibfeder Set. It was meant to be a birthday gift until I saw the nibs. These are some of the coolest, different, interesting nibs. To me. I used a French to English translator and still don't know what Plume d'Vie means. Do you?

The bottle of ink has a cool seal. It's sienna. 

The wooden nib holder is so sweet. It feels good. It has a nice heft. Inserting and removing the nibs is a bother though. I'm still not comfortable using the needle nose pliers yet, so my left index finger bears scars from previous battles with bare naked fingers against metal. There are other details I want to share. Hopefully it will happen tomorrow. No, I'm not keen on this feather. Someone gets a gift!

I do like how that feather and this pine cone match. I picked it up just outside the office building after my appointment. I've never had a pine cone prick me before, and I'm a native Texan. We teethe on these things. Notice how each separate whatever you call it bears a resemblance to sections of pineapple skin? I wonder if they're somehow related. And what is there about it that needs prickles to protect it? We used to use pine cones for grenades when we were kids. We built forts from pine needles and lobbed our cones like we were in trenches. On our stomachs! (sigh) Those were the days. Someone would be blind today had those cones been prickly.

I broke in my newest watercolors last night. I couldn't find the other three pocket sets. Shame on me, but they needed using, otherwise why buy them. Right?

You deserve a close-up. (wink) Wax seals cover more than flap tips and any number of sins if they happen below the "concellator." That tip came from a postal clerk! Another tip:  If you haven't used watercolors in a while, practice first. And erase pencil lines, even on Crane envelopes. Or not. If wax catches fire . . . blow like you're the big bad wolf and all three of those three little pigs mooned you. 

Enjoy your efforts. Be ever mindful that pretty is as pretty does. Add a stamp after the address, and don't forget to mail your little project. I'll get this into tomorrow's mail. 

Embellishments matter. And remember that not day goes by that doesn't have mail in it for someone.


  1. Lucky for you my French is very good and Plume 'd Vie means feather life . Love all the colorful goodies . Yes I was in shock about Blake and Miranda . But after I heard he could not make his first marriage a go I wondered how he would make this one a go and especially when they are probably not in the same house much of the year you know ? I think jealousy maybe could have had a part in it as well . There were rumors that she is a very jealous woman and could not handle other women being around him . Oh well that is just my take . Thanks for showing all the pretty goodies you got .

    1. "Feather life" made no sense to me, so I had to ask. Thank you. :)

      We might never know the real reason. I was just surprised to hear of the breakup. He always talked about her on the show. I appreciate your take.

      You're welcome. Sharing is easy more often than not. :)

  2. Love the quill. I've never used one but have thought what a treat it might be to learn to cut quills and write with them.

    1. If I ever find a feather that doesn't trigger an asthma or breathing problem, I'm going to cut one. It looks easier than I imagined. Quills aren't so easy to write with. They're too light for me. They need more heft and require frequent sharpening/cutting. I hope you will give it a try though.

  3. I just love reading your posts. You are such an interesting person. It's hard for me to go inside a B&N because I want to buy everything.

    1. You honor me by reading my thoughts and opinions. I'm not sure what interesting means though. :) In Texas it usually means eccentric, a little unusual . . . Is okay though. I am who I am.

      Buying a little bit of what you really want/need is a good thing. B&N couldn't give me everything they sell. LOL. I believe you though. I've seen your postcard collections! :)

  4. Replies
    1. I kno-o-o. have a passion for w/c, and wish I was a master. Although I have several travel sets, I never use them onsite. Do you w/c too?

  5. My daughter who speaks french says the literal translation for Plume d'Vie is Feather of Life

    1. Now that makes sense. Even I get it. :) Thank your lovely daughter for me. And I thank you.