Friday, July 3, 2015

Never Say Never

. . . 'cause you never know. Like today. Yesterday I said there was no mail in my holiday agenda. I was determined to have a different kind of long weekend. Then I saw this. It reminded me of fireworks. It never blooms like this unless there's a lot of rain. Lately, rain reminds me of Pamela, which leads to thoughts of mail art; mail art leads to letters. So, while JC mowed, I scurried upstairs to dash off a quick thank-you note, but not until after I wrote a two page letter to go with. 

Now, these were taken on the same day as the flowers, so how can I not show off my muscadine bounty too? They're ripening early in a myriad of shades of juiciness. 

See? You can also see signs that they've had too much rain. They need the sun. I'm not complaining. Predicted temps for tomorrow are 105 degrees in Houston. 

The fig tree isn't complaining. The golden fig's leaves behind us in our neighbor's yard are yellowed, the fruit is stunted, and so far there's only a single ripe orb in need of eating. Our ripe figs are exploding; even the birds cannot keep up with the numbers presenting themselves as gifts. The only drawback is the fruit isn't fully ripe. As in, the color purple on both sides doesn't match. They're honey-sweet though, and one giant fig wrapped in a slice of smoked provolone makes them sweeter and leave you craving more. Yum!

And then there was mail with greens matching the greening that's come from all the rain. I tried counting the different washi tapes used to decorate this gem . . . Eleven? Eight? Nine! The envelope is lime green, boasting lyrical handwriting that has a positive swing! 

A green scalloped note card.

And a great big heart to seal the deal! Don't ask me why I photographed the envelope upside down. (sigh) Very pretty, JarieLyn. Thank you. Very much. 

I finally mixed and used the "primo aged" walnut ink I've mentioned before. . It's so old the wax seal had broken. The granules were in mint condition, and smell of iron. So, is there iron in walnut ink? And why didn't someone tell me iron gall ink eats nibs? For every gain there seems to be a loss. Perhaps it's meant to be used with quills and not metal? I have to replace a handful of new nibs!

I used distilled water to mix my pretty writing potion. It's supposed to reduce mold. Look at the face. Faces? I see two faces and a cat in silhouette! Tell me you do too.

A third of the granules made this much ink. Should I try it with gum arabic? 

The color seems to ripen with use. It's prettier than it appears here, and it seems to have been made for Crane stationery! The brown ink is so-o-o rich, and it dries quickly unless you overload your nib. These stamps felt like the perfect accents to an envelope I thoroughly enjoyed addressing as much as I enjoyed writing my first full letter written in calligraphy! The art form adds oomph to any envelope. I hope you'll give it a try.

For now, simply sing along with me!

People all over the world, 
Join pens
Start a calligraphy train, a calligraphy train

The next stop that we make will be soon
Tell all the folks in Russia and China too
Don't you know that it's time to get on board
And let this train keep on writing, writing on through
People all over the world join in

Well, well, people all over the world
You don't need no money
Join pens, come on
Start a calligraphy train, calligraphy train
Don't need no ticket, come on!
People all over the world, join in, ride this train

All of you brothers and sisters over in Africa
Tell all the folks in Egypt and Israel too
Please don't miss this train at the station
'Cause if you do I feel sorry, sorry for you

Well, people all over the world, join hands
Start a calligraphy train, ride this train y'all!
And write. Let us write. Let us wri-i-ite . . . 

And, in a voice-over that sounds like Barry White:  Write on.

P.S.  Texas Philosophy #2: Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.


  1. Nice that you think of me! And that is one fine envelope, upsidedown or not. And that fig tree. I am overcome with jealousy. I adore figs and rarely seem to get my hands on them. I have a cookbook called Fig Heaven and I just read it and dream........

    1. LOL! How can I not think of you when it rains? You are the only one who has ever asked that I send some your way. I've tried. That naked rain dance in the back yard only gave me a chill, and ruined one of my turkey feathers! And a neighbor threatened to call the cops until her husband locked her in the bathroom so that he could watch me wave to the gods of wind and water.

      I wish you were in fig throwing distance. I'd gladly share. Now I must Google that cookbook. I prefer my fruit raw but do make jam and preserves. Figs for breakfast are amazing.

      Why not plant a little fig tree? They require almost zero care.

  2. Oh wow you brought barry white and I used to work with a fellow who could sing like barry white he had that voice . Sadly he left work one day and he died of a massive coronary that night . I never in a million years thought that would be the last time we saw him alive ...I went to his funeral and apparently he knew a lot of people . The business closed for the day . Nice guy really nice guy I met his fiancé they were one month from getting married. You just never know . Life is a precious gift given day by day never waist it . Love your muscadines ...

    1. We could all use a little Barry White in our lives. Once in a while I listen to the oldies on iTunes and Barry is always there.

      The muscadines are sweeter this year. It's the Texas heat that does it. :) I should try my hand at making muscadine wine . . . No. Not really. LOL.

  3. love the poem ...Love jarrie lyns envies too. Im glad you like my stick cats ...aren't they cute ? I like em too . So did Jc and Erin get home in time . You know I like fireworks just as much as the next guy or girl but I do think there should be some sort of time limit on them like after 11 pm is a no no . My apt complex was lit up like a war zone ...I thought the police were out here LOL .

    1. I guess a song is just a poem set to music. The radio is a wonderful invention. That's an O'Jays hit, "Love Train." LOL. I modified it here and there.

      I might unarchive those cats to show them off. Yes, they're critically cute. :)

      JC made it home the next night. Flights were cancelled due to storms, so he lost a half day at home. Erin would never come home for the 4th. She had several major events on her plate anyway. Thanks for asking though.

      In our neck of the woods fireworks are supposed to be over by 10 or 11, but who listens? LOL! I know what you mean. SWAT is tame by comparison. All that money gone up in smoke. (sigh)

  4. I see a cat silhouette on top of a dog face. Glad my note made it safely to you.

    1. Wow. I saw two more since reading your comment.

      Yes! The green is one of my favorites. It's almost matches my little green and white mail bag. Thank you.