Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lapis, Letters & Lavender

But not necessarily in that order. It's all about the Ls today, but especially about letters, and the things that make letters special. Although there are 30 drafts waiting to be finished or posted, todays mail deserves top billing. I mean look at my box! For a split second I thought I had the wrong key. It's funny how mail shows up the day after I check, the day JC checks after I've checked, and on days when I'm at my lowest. like today. Feels like I'm coming down with a cold, or I've had too much sun. But just las neither snow nor rain or sleet . . .  And now the USPS delivers on Sundays. Therefore, I cannot let heat . . . Seriously? I'm an a/c baby from way back. I don't do heat well. Had to trek to the pharmacy for a necessary refill, otherwise it would have waited until tomorrow. But, as I was saying, I opened my box and went, "Wow!" A patron heading my way jerked his head up and gave me a funny look. I just laughed, and posed my lovely mail for this shot. In all fairness I confess that one letter is a "return to sender." Do you ever notice the wee mail carrier in the back when I take and post pictures of my mail? No? I can't help but notice, obviously, and he's been there since day one. He wears winter gear and a cap with ear muffs year round; he's always bending just a little to lift or load a box. He's become my letter box guardian. 

Here's a better view. Notice how he's lifting correctly? No pulled back muscles for this guy.

Silver on black. Heigh ho, silver, stay! Wow, Randall. You've got it going on. Sorry for the glare. The photo was taken in the car. I tell you, this Texas sun can bleach a dark night sky, hence, "The stars at night are big and bright . . ." That doesn't defend my statement quite as well as it sounded in my head. Well, maybe, since the stars here are as bright as sunlight. And you've heard of Pecos Bill too, right? Plus, the mail was inside my bag, inside the Honda, on the shady side of the post office. Which reminds me:  It's so hot the birds are bathing in the sprinkler. They're all puffed up with their wing and tail feathers splayed too. Temperatures topped at 105 in parts hereabout today, and August is still half a month away. See why it's great letter-writing weather?  

Okay, I've done the letter part. Now's the lapis part. I do like lapis! 

From top, to middle, to bottom right? Lapis, tourmaline, and sapphire. I'm in love with sapphire! Well, not "love" love. I'm talking about the emotion that surpasses a strong "like." 

Aren't these three perfect matches for the prettiest paper on my drawing table? It looks like a mile of paper! All that's missing is gold. I've got that too though. Just you wait and see what's up my sleeve. Something wickedly fun this way comes.

And then there's lavender!

. . . to be continued.


  1. Oh my now I cant wait and OCD ? Oh my goodness you had me laughing so hard I thought I would wet myself ...Okay I am a self confessed clean freak and my apt gets cleaned once a week top to bottom including vacuuming out the sofa . I take everything off the walls and dust as well . I hate dust and dirt so there will be none here . Yes I declare war on dirt LOL good be safe and another excellent post and how did that lil fellow in the back get there ? did you put him there to guard your mail in the box ? you really are a sly fox you know that , well, stay hydrated 105 is terrible for man , lady nor beast . take care .

    1. Talk about being OCD! You wear the crown. I'm not talking about routine cleaning on my part, but I no longer enjoy a life of military precision neatness and tidiness. The house is settling so once in a while some of the framed art and photos list left or right. I don't go around straightening them. I simply tilt my head instead. Instead of emptying the waste paper basket more often, I bought a taller waste paper catcher. :) I don't rotate the linens in the linen closet often. I simply use the same three sets of sheets until I get tired of the same colors. You know the commercial about baby diapers where the mom was so fussy with her newborn until she got over herself and bought a different brand? Well, that's more like me. JC and I don't make big messes. Well, he doesn't, so all that deep cleaning went the way of getting my brows shaped and wearing high heels and panty hose. :) I like to remind my sister, who is still in military mode that my house is a home, not a museum. LOL. SHE used to have a woman come and clean three days a week. I remember what Jesus told Martha about being too caught up in the details. He said Martha needed to be more like Mary and chillax. ;)

      Yes, no one like dirt and dust, but there's more to life than cooking and cleaning and laundry. Why do you think there are so few famous women artists and inventors? They were too busy doing all the stuff men can do just as well to take care of a home and family to paint, sculpt, or build things! I say, "Free yourself! Do not become possessed by your possessions!" And that's why I'm getting rid of half the stuff I own. :D

    2. yes you are right I like it when you make me think about things thus the comment they are too busy doing all the stuff men do right on and thanks for reminding me to see the other side of the coin , I know we are friends because we make each other think and if I could come through the puter and hug you I would .

    3. LOL! Maybe the day when a Scotty can beam us up will happen in our lifetime. Until then a cyber hug will do. :)

      Hope you have a very good Sunday.

  2. Limner -- if you don't like hot weather you should move here to SF -- if it is 70-degrees here we are all too hot!

    1. Thanks for the invitation, but I get 70 degrees with an a/c and no earthquakes. Well, not so much. Texans are known for our long winded discourses on our weather but that's not saying we don't like it. It's like saying your husband gets on your nerves, but that doesn't mean you don't love him. Why, just today the weatherman said 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history. Can you imagine how many letters I'll write that will contain that fact? And he said today "felt" like 108 degrees instead of it actually being 108. Besides, without all this sunshine I'd be a pale imitation of me; there wouldn't be all the lovely grapes, figs, jalapeños and the likes, and I'd spend more time outside instead of inside writing letters. :) Wait. I could be like you I lived in such lovely climes: out and about, and living large. Hmm.