Sunday, July 26, 2015

Don't Forget!

Pre-ordering is a good thing. Beautiful stamps enhance mail. Will you go to the World Stamp Show? Will you take me if you do? I'll pay my own way. I'll be good. I won't ask dufus/gufus questions. I'll even buy breakfast our first day there. Please? 

FYI:  There's a cool article in The Simple Life Magazine titled, "The Collector, STAMPS." It's about philatelist, Blair Thompson's unique collection. I have not read it yet but the stamps are worth the eye work.

And, Erin ran a 10K after work the other day!!! Last night I made this postcard for her. The image is the creation of an illustrator I admire beyond explanation, for his use of color, his understanding of, and his ability to demonstrate human anatomy. I told her:  Erin, when you run, run like it's recess! I think she does already

Remember to pre-order the new stamps! And use one on me.


  1. Love that pc you sent to Erin , you are a good mommy ...another great post . take care .

    1. Hug yourself for me! I cannot run now, so she picked up the baton and runs on.

      Mail headed your way. :) See you there.