Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amazing Grace

Cool stamps, huh? 

Sweet animals all decked out Americanally speaking. Red, white, and ewe.

Little red school house birdhouses! 

A sweet thank-you note, a postcard, photos, and a letter. Oh, what a novel surprise! It's as good as a bottle of rain. Wait until I show you everything. Some things have to be savored before they are shared though. Thank you, Anna. You are a woman with amazing grace. I do like the little bits of white! 

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I try to live, laugh and love much. This necklace is from Under Her Charm. I ordered it several years ago. It's never been worn. There's an S on one of my charm bracelets. It's there to remind me to surrender. I still forget sometimes. 

This went out with nine other pieces of mail today. It's a Flow postcard. Perhaps I should have kept it for myself? I never give up trying to be better though. Fortunately, I do know how to dampen the sparks before my anger ignites the wick to the powder keg. My brother has vitiligo. His skin is slowly turning bone white. He runs the risk of getting skin cancer. It is a cruel illness. There's nothing funny about it.

So, I finally wrote to T. Coates. I tried to wait until my anger had passed. Apparently it has not, since my hands shook while I wrote, and I did not use my best penmanship. I used white-out too. "Race relations" are fragile enough without ignorant people spreading ignorance . . . But wait. Such revelations speak for themselves; they reveal much about the person who says untrue, ignorant things, just as I did by calling Cavett. I could have stuck with his first name for the ultimate insult, but that would be really unkind. Life is hard enough as it is, so even small kindness count. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound . . . Words written by a man who had a change of heart. Perhaps grace will change me too.


  1. You had every right to be angry . I don't blame you and yes race relations are a delicate thing and we don't need some inciting a riot . well take a deep breath and calm down and hope you are feeling better now .

  2. I think I'm tired of hearing the same low brow comments about things some people know nothing about. I hate it when people with mental illness are called crazy too.

    It only takes something as simple as winning a title to incite some groups to riot, so I doubt that Dick's comment has that much power. I dislike hearing words like "towel head" and "camel jockey" too. My anger is deeper than a take-a-deep- breath cure. It's deeper than skin deep. Vitiligo runs in our family. A cousin has dealt with it longer. She wears a thick white makeup to protect her from sunlight and she's often in pain.

    I know you mean well, so thanks for commenting. I'm not likely to go shoot up a theater full of people, or blow up a mall because I'm angry. This is normal anger.

  3. I am with you, I cannot abide that sort of needless injustice. The beauty of life is that we are all different. What a boring place it would be if we were all the same.

    I'm glad you liked my little parcel to you. I look forward to seeing the sketches you will use the chalk for. I never would have thought to try that. See what good ideas you give me?

    1. Right on! :) I've bumped into so many people with outstanding differences the last few days, some with special needs, and I realized just how special they are. They have their own personalities like everyone else but they have an amazing sense of humor. Sometimes I wonder how they see us. :) I see children of mixed cultures/ethnicities and wonder if they will be the majority some day. Katy is listed as one of the most "diverse"--I'm beginning to dislike that word--cities, so I have the pleasure of meeting people from around the world. They're just like me: They have the same basic human needs. What makes us different are our personal and cultural. At least I think so. :)

      I liked your package so much . . . I went looking for black pastel paper. My model awaits. Thanks again for such fun surprises. Expect a small avalanche of mail. I posted another letter several hours ago, then found a little unexpected gift less than an hour ago. My life has been turned upside down this week. I had to run away for a little while. :)

      It's nice hearing something good comes through me once in awhile. :D There's enough chalk for at least one decent sketch, so I don't get a do-over. I will make the most of it in what Flow calls a "beautiful moment."