Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All In a Day's Work

It might not look like much but I've done more than shift boxes around in my studio, but I have. I've cleared that top drawer, cleared,  rearranged the two shelves on the left, and stacked more archived mail forward the ceiling. Never mind the stuff on the floor.

Um. I've returned some books to shelves, disturbed some of my special Nat' Geos. And never mind the stuff on the floor and in-between spaces.

Hello! There's my easel! A scanner that still works. And three drawers of 12 x 12 paper I have yet to use. Oh. And some other stuff. Never mind the bike teetering on top. 

This really is the top of my drawing table. I pulled out paper, books, stuff, things, and mystery objects. I always make a mess trying to clean up a mess. But, come trash day tomorrow, there will be bags of landfill fodder. Paper is good for garbage! It's better than plastics. So . . . I wrote two letters last night. Okay, maybe not two letters but I filled both sides of a get-well card and sent a little tease to someone else. If postage is required, and if I say a whole lot, it should count as a letter. In my mind anyway.

A cantaloupe stamp, forget-me-nots, and an L writ with a new nib! 

Am not a fan of Leonardt & Co., yet I continue to buy their product. All the scritching/scratching their nibs make makes me feel like I'm being abusive. The quality is so iffy it's not funny, but then a nib surprises me. I like the one that has the spring action going on. I used it a lot last night. The company has an impressive history though, and for far too long, theirs was the only other dip pens available to the likes of me. Now the materials look and feel too-cheap-to-bother, but their tins are cool. 

I acquired this duo yesterday out of curiosity, simply because I'd had no experience with a shadow nib before. It came with The Copperplate & Shadow Dip Pen & Nib Set. A twenty-five percent discount sweetened the deal, so I brought it home. Cool shadows, yes? There should be a way to use different colored inks for a really cool effect.

Hope you're keeping cool and writing more letters than the law allows!

Write makes might!


  1. Way to get some stuff done! I put together a pile of my children's books to donate. We love to read but the books are everywhere. Now that they're growing up, many of the books were a little young for them. Now all of their books actually fit on the bookshelf in their room. Their room is still pretty much a disorganized mess, but that was a great start.

    1. Glory be! You're smart. I think I'm simply allergic to house work at this stage in life. Giving away books is one of the most painful things I do. Stay tuned for more books photos. :) I cannot believe I'm letting people look into my life this way. You're right though. Starting counts. Thanks for the atta girl. :)

  2. hey there love the bike teetering on top . glad you were able to clean and de clutter some more . .... stay well and stay hydrated . I hope all is well and good and take care dear lady . Love the new look .

    1. Hahaha! That poor bike's been teetering there for a couple or three years. I haven't been able to reach it is why. I've always liked cleaning and tidying. Until this decade. I think I'm all house-cleaned out and want to spend the second half of my middle age doing the things I need to do. It wasn't so long ago that I crept downstairs to wash cups, glasses and a popcorn bowl because the idea of waking to dishes in the sink kept me awake all night. A person can spend too much time doing what's proper in lieu of what they love. Maybe I'm making up for lost time. There's a happy medium. I just know it. :)

  3. Can you come over and organize my writing area too? I think what I need is a nice piece of furniture like you have but all I have at the moment is a tiny bookcase and it is stuffed to the gills which makes it difficult to find anything...sigh. Is that a bicycle on the top shelf?

    1. Hey! I was worried about you. I mean I was concerned! LOL! No ma'am, I won't. I'd only make a mess and then you wouldn't like me. Goodness, but I feel guilty. I have a huge L shaped desk AND my drawing table. I prefer the drawing table because I can adjust the slant and it's in front of the window. I use the desk in the bedroom instead. See? Shame on me, right? I have my reasons though. My studio is in the front of the house, faces the noisy street, and the other room faces the backyard where the birds and growing things are. The oak tree blocks the front view and the room is cooler. I need to separate my creative space from my living space, so it's time to move space. :)

      I was happier and more productive when I lived a "less is more life." There was a time when I drew with charcoal from the burn pile and grocery bags. :) Then I could afford sketch pads and charcoal pencils. I lived to draw on a sawhorse easel. Now I have a proper easel but can't use it because of my shoulder. Gee, you made me realize how much "stuff" I have. Thank you.

      We're alike with the bookcases though. All of mine are usually stuffed, as are my cubby holes and storage spaces. :) The new rule is: If I haven't used it in a year, it goes. But what if I've forgotten I have it? Time to read Marie Kondo's book some more. (sigh)

      Yes! That's a bicycle. :) I had to have it. Now I can't reach it.