Friday, June 5, 2015

Simple Ingredients for a Thoughtfully Good Thursday

Thursday is one of the most underrated days of the week. No one groans, "Oh, tomorrow is Thursday. I can use another day off before it gets here." No one says "Thank God it's Thursday!" Or "Where did Thursday go?" Not even "It's the day after humpday, yea!" Poor Thursday. It's overlooked because it is the day after humpday and just one day away from TGIF, so who cares? The only good thing anyone has ever said about it is "Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday." Some even resent it because it does not add to a long weekend unless you travel on a Thursday night to reach your destination on a Friday morning. You know it's named after Thor, right? It's also known as the fourth day. Yeah, who cares. 

Poor, poor Thursday, not unlike poor Yorick. The day needs a makeover; it is not dead--it merely needs a makeover, a new PR, an agent like the mom that launched our modern day Little Women aka the Kardashian Women. Let us be spin doctors for Thursday! I tried to do just that yesterday. Here's how it went:

Aha! I sure fooled you if you thought I got cheek implants. However, I did go to my favorite place on a day I didn't need a new book. The Book of Strange New Things yet lingers on my literary palate. I can't get it out of my head. Nothing fills the void left by its ending. I've tried.

I thought The Martian would do it. Orange was never my color but surprisingly, it's in my life more than I realized. Sixty-two pages in and I lost interest. A "return to sender" letter bears the Hendrix stamp. Letters and books, books and letters, all words. Teal is for Thursdays, yes? Not orange. Orange is for Mars and Martians!  

The Familiar looked like a "for Thursday" kind of cover. It's beautiful, and distinctively different, plus it's a heavy book. Such unusual illustrations spill across page after page. Such a not-your-everyday-kind-of-read it is. Such a waste of paper on too many sparse pages. But what do I know? A quick scan and a sit-down to read a few sentences did nothing to whet my appetite. But it looked so promising. Almost like The Book of Strange New Things

I was quite taken with the illustration on this cover. Saint Mazie? It reminds me of the black and white movies I like. I have a feeling Phonelady will read it, like it, and tell us why we should read it too. 

I chose this as a back-up in case The Bees let me down. There's a reason I didn't buy it in hard cover. Yesterday I couldn't recall why. A paperback loss is no great loss if I don't like it though. So it came home with me.

Have you noticed the color connections yet? I liked these nibs but did not read the instructions to scrub with soap and a rough sponge the first time I bought them. Now that I know, perhaps clean nibs will make me look good this time around.

I love bees. Although I enjoyed the excerpts I chose to sway me, I'm not as sure sure fifteen pages in. So that's why I started The Miniaturist. I put it aside to watch game one of Golden State vs Cleveland. Thursdays aren't so easy after all. Perhaps I only thought they held more promise than they actually do. Perhaps my choices are to blame, and not not the day itself? Perhaps its ante was upped with the pizza pie.

An artichoke and mushroom pizza had charm to be one of the best parts of yesterday aka Thursday. Hot and perfect, it made me feel good about eating lunch earlier than dinner time. Leftovers for dinner weren't bad either, so yes! to Thursday's pizza!

Mail. Yes, there was mail. Good mail. My order from Jet Pens made me happy and a little disappointed. The package was perfect! Another kudo for Thursday!

I wrote a single letter last night. A Thursday letter, written with a pen from the almost perfect order. Take not of those colors again. Yea, Thursday!

Then take note of that declaration again. Thursday is a good day to have a good day. Any day is a good one to have a good. Oh, happy day! 


  1. oh my dear now I must read saint mazie huh ? yes I did like the front cover so now you have intrigued me and my dear I loved the book of strange new things I like the character of the wife the best because she seemed so lost without her husband really but yet strong as well . I really did like it and I will now go and put saint mazie on my tbr list .

    1. You've read The Book of Strange New Things??? Wow. Congratulations. I didn't care for Bea that much. In the end she turned out to be . . . I won't spoil the plot in case someone is reading it or might consider it.

      Read an excerpt from Saint Mazie first! :) I fell into The Miniaturist last night. It's light reading but since I enjoy books about other cultures, it's up my alley.

      I tend to write fewer letters and read more when it's hot, and it is hot here. People are watering their lawns. Seems like only last week we were thinking of building arks. :) I've almost signed on the dotted line for a summer class. It's almost time to make bird houses with the kids next door, out of the gourds I grew. I should put all this in a letter, and scan some of the beautiful mail from recent months. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, huh?

      See you in the mail before I sign off for summer vacation. I want to crawl across Chicago again, but who knows? Perhaps I should practice by traveling to the post office first? :)

  2. oh yes of course the shoulda woulda coulda syndrome ....we all have had it many times my dear . I know I tend to write less in the summer as well and read more . the miniaturist and saint mazie are on my hold list ...kudos to you for building bird houses out of gourds I have seen it done on you tube but never would have the patience for it in case one were to break ...LOL and that is how my luck runs ...Oh I found oyster mushrooms at the flea market yesterday and oh my goodness were they ever delicious ..I love them if you have never had one and you like mushrooms I suggest those . they are fab to me . well go crawling around Chicago my dear and have fun ....

    1. Will and did/done are the antidotes to that trio. So says Shel Silverstein. :)

      I'm on page 100 of The Miniaturist. It's written in the style of . . . I will say Jane Eyre is better written. The author tries too hard to build suspense, and the heroine isn't quite believable, but it makes for a decent, no-brainer summer read without sunscreen and sand being a bother. Did you know sunscreen is killing the plants and creatures that live in the water where people who use sunscreen swim? :) Just a little fyi fun fact that needs sharing.

      Yes! The gourds are cured and ready for Alex, Fatima and Genesis. They aren't all as sturdy as previous harvests. Not sure why but we will try soon. We have to make the Toymaker's mini book first though. Homeschooled children are a different breed, aren't they?

      I have a thing for mushrooms yet have never cooked oyster mushrooms. Will try them first chance I get. Thanks for the nudge. :)

  3. cute post! I'll think differently this Thursday!

    1. Aww, gee, and thank you. JC and I had a discussion about Thursdays and he wouldn't admit it's the most under-appreciated day in the week. He said it's Tuesday, while I say people are grateful for Tuesday because it means they survived Monday. :)

      Thanks for re-thinking this coming Thursday. Tell me what happens, okay? No matter what. I used to call Monday Moan-day, for obvious reasons, and I never slept well on Sunday nights because I feared I'd over-sleep. How sad. :)