Thursday, June 25, 2015

Noteworthy Notations

There are reason for liking what we like. This little card made me go "Aww." I was taken back to the days when Mama wrote to Daddy on tissue thin paper, and mailed her letters in tissue thin air mail envelopes. Clearly a trigger, yes? I'll keep this. Thank you, Anna.

I love this card. The reasons are as obvious as the moon in the sky, the gleam in my right eye, and the question "Why?"! Sepia. Tintypes. Soft and faintly gentle against a just-as-soft cream background makes it perfect. Thank you, Randall. 

It reminds me of this tutu-wearing, sword-holstered super she-ro from a . . . you'll never guess so I have to tell you. From a spaghetti sauce ad! Yep. It's in an old post somewhere in cyberspace. Thank you, Ragu. She's still picture-perfect for a mail art postcard!

I'm reading another book, but you should check this out in case you're looking for a letter-writing related summer read. I downloaded a sample and it's pretty good. I tell you, Shirley McLaine should play the role of grandmother. Think "Steel Magnolias." There's an audio sample too if you're interested. Follow this link: My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry. Elsa is seven and her grand is seventy-seven. Imagine . . . Oh, never mind! Try to imagine being seven with a grandma like Weezie. Then grand dies and leaves letters for Elsa to . . . Oh, go on! Read it and decide for yourself. There are letters in The Book of Strange New Things also. I looked forward to every word shared between the two spouses, and was irritated when it took too long to reveal the contents. I get "something" from reading letters written by real and imagined people. Why? Hmm. I get it! It just came to me! Again. (sigh) That something is insight into another mind. Seeing what someone else considers letter-worthy is like spying, isn't it? Don't you think we're more honest on paper than we are on the phone? As I'm sure I've said before, I do. When we write, we can pause, think about what we want to share or say in response to a query or another's opinions and musings. Letters allow us time to think. So now I'm curious about grand's "dead letters." Should I wait for paperback? Hmm. 

The Bone Clocks did a number on my imagination last night! Just when I thought I might have to ditch it, I won't say why, the author grabbed me by my attention and jerked so hard I . . . Wow. Now I'm on "Myrrh Is Mine, Its Bitter Perfume 991." Ooh-wee-man. Just when I thought I'd broken Holly down into bite-size, digestible pieces, WHAM! And here I am. 

An intriguing envelope, yes? Last night I pinned this: Butterfly July And after another long day out and about in the sun, this arrived. I've seen only white butterflies so far this season. Another mystery. Okay, only in my mind, but still . . . A lovely sleeping lady, a luna moth and the moon? If you don't know, be like me, and make it up as you go. Thank you, MK.

An appropriate mail bag, right? I try to be a seasonal bag lady.

All stacked and packed. It sat next to me all along my merry sun-filled way today. 

Matching wrapping--destined for opposites ends on a map, as clear across America from each other as they could possibly be. A day later they will arrive. I forgot to stop at the post office! I was that excited after a long leisurely visit to Texas Art Supply. I bought too much and not enough. 

Red, white and bronze! 

Beautiful bamboo holders for my dip pens!

My first ever parallel pen!

It's fun. Juicy to the point of being almost too wet. No, I didn't read the instructions first, so maybe the opening is adjustable, but I like it no matter what. Wish I'd taken a photo to share the samples with you. Tomorrow, I promise. You should try one! They're made by Pilot in case you're a Pilot pen fan. The kit comes with two "special formulated ink" cartridges and a converter (nib cleaner) for cleaning the pen unit. I chose a 1.5 mm nib width. It's affordable (less than $10) and worth the price. Not getting into the summer class isn't so disappointing after all. I'll simply pretend I'm being home schooled, and I'm the student/teacher. Will you join me? Summer school never looked so good! All tips and samples from experienced parallel pen pros/users are welcome.

I'm seeing more ads for Quattro lately. Have you tried it? This is the 2" x 3" inch grid pad. The overall size is 3.4" x 5.5." I bought it for pencil sketches. It's thirsty. It drinks the parallel pen ink like Pampers on a toddler in a wading pool. Not so with the Sakura Pigma Sensei marker. 

Two days in a row of sunshine are noteworthy, so I bought lots and lots of paper. Good paper! Good notes! 

Psst! Have some fun! Investigate:


  1. OOOH, I love that wrapping paper. You have a lot of eye candy on here this evening.

    1. That's some of the neatest, interesting, feel-good paper ever. I bought it after Erin's first trip to Paris. It needed using before it faded.

      I have a piles of eye candy scanning that needs doing. I wish you could see some of the great mail that's come my way! Repetitive movements only aggravate my pitching arm, but it won't be this way forever. :)

  2. Beautiful paper , ink and added a book to my hold list on the recommendation of you my dear my grandmother asked me to say she s sorry book . Oh my have I ever told you , you should get hired on to be a wrapper at Christmas time . The way you are so neat and tidy while wrapping . did I tell you the postal person stopped me today ? and he told me that he waits everyday to see what I have drawn on the back of the envie ....LOL . Im glad to know he and my readers enjoy the art, listen to me will ya ? that last statement made me sound like an author . I swear I write with boldness or brashness sometimes , certainly not intended , so please forgive me . So I will let you know how I like the book . Good to see you after a few days absence and I hope you are well . take care my dear .

    1. The paper is prettier in person, unlike yours truly. No! Goodness no! I'd hate for this book to be as bad as the last one I recommended. LOL! The sample I downloaded did not include a letter so be warned.

      Ha! I did Christmas wrapping for a department store when I was in college. I was a full time department head, and went to school full time. I loved my boss. He thought I had talent. I even made sale signs when they didn't make it from the printer's on time. I worked in a mail room too! LOL. That might explain why my packages are smothered in tape. My mom complains that they're too hard to open for a woman with arthritis, or as the kids next door say, "arth-ree-is."

      Aww, what a lovely thing to tell you. I'll bet you make his day. :) I saved a piece I came across recently about how mail art impact others. I'll share it when I find it, then you'll see how valued you are. Keep up the good work! The kids love to see the mail I get; they compete with each other to see which one gets to check my mail for me. If they see me pulling into the drive they want to know if I've been to the post office. :)

      Well, say it like you mean it, right? ;)

      Attribute my absences to hard work, housework, running the streets of Houston instead of Katy, practice, and other stuff. We've had two days of sunshine in a row! Ooh-la! A thunderstorm today was so welcome I have to mention it. Hope you're basking in SC's warmth.

      Be well. You sound much happier. :)