Monday, June 29, 2015

My Due Date Is Closer!

Another mission: Illumination. The bags from Barnes & Noble either mock or encourage,  depending on how I feel on any given day. Isn't this lovely? It looks so simple.

Another lovely sample on the opposite side of their bag. Romeo doesn't need much embellishing, does he? Wouldn't this be beautiful on an envelope? Granted it would be a labor of love/friendship to put so much effort in a piece of paper that might get tossed, but creating such a masterpiece would be worth the time and artistry required, don't you think? I'll discover how it feels this summer, after I finish the secret piece I'm working on. 

I like the feel of control that comes from practicing on 80# drawing paper, especially with crimson on cream. My arm ached just a little by the time I'd switched to this paper, but I could not sleep until I'd used almost an entire sheet I've cut into manageable sizes. My shoulder protested, hence the noticeable tremors. No, it wasn't about "no pain no gain." It was more akin to trying to grasp an illusive fairy, or an idea, and wrest it into reality.

I kept telling myself I could do it. Just one more try! But I kept holding my breath! The longer I held it the more my sore arm trembled! The more I hurt the larger the words became. I must practice breathing tonight.

After awhile I couldn't connect the f to that g to save my life. You'd think I had enough sense to stop then, yes?

Red saris! And robins. Moses? 

I enlarge my mistakes the better to see them, my dears. I've ruined two nibs already. One fell and embedded itself in a rug. I ruined the second when I tried to pull it from the pen. It's easier to pull the pen from the nib. Live and learn.

I bought this over ten years ago. It's perfect for practice and less expensive than the lovely Rhodia. It's almost as good as Rhoda too. Who knew? It loves ink. The surface is about as good as it gets too. It's on my list of calligraphy necessaries now. 

My suffering paid off. No, it isn't perfect, but it's perfect for the amount of time I've put into practicing. And I figured the best way to overcome my fear of messing up, and to clear up my doubts about my level of improvement . . . was to simply do it. And I did. I sacrificed a red envelope to conquer my trepidation. And, guess what. I'm okay. I am much closer to my due date than I'd imagined. 

Write on, write on!


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    1. Thank you. I'm getting better. :)

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    1. Thank you!!! Practice pays off.

  3. yes romeo and Juliet look a tad might labor intensive indeed skip that one my dear really unless you want writers cramp LOL ....take care and have a wonderful day .

    1. I'd never take on such a task as trying to copy perfection. LOL. My project is much simpler.

      Thanks, you too. Another storm dumped on us last night. I collected rain for my indoor plants. I plucked two figs for tonight's dessert. Yum. They're giants.

  4. That looks great! You have a beautiful hand.

    1. These nibs work wonders, don't they? LOL. But thanks. I don't have your light touch, and am not up to snuff with flourishes, but you inspire me too. In the end I believe we find out own style, don't you?

      I still have not archived your lovely envelopes. They are among great company. :)

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    1. Thank you. Thank you! I'm still working on keeping my loops open. Unlearning bad habits takes some doing. :)