Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Making a Beeline

I'm making a beeline. What's a beeline? Read on.

beeline |ˈbēˌlīn
    a straight line between two places.

make a beeline for hurry directly to.
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: with reference to the straight line supposedly taken instinctively by a bee when returning to the hive.

(Photo from actual article.) Let there bee mail. I've noticed an increase in bee mail of late. There was an article about an Australian father and son making millions from their artificial hive combs in the Sunday Times this weekend. The story left me sad and low. Bees are dying, hives are collapsing, crops go un-pollinated . . . I have not seen a bee since winter. They seemed confused; many drowned; some died where they made their last stop. I made a conscious decision not to buy the expensive white honey from Canada any more as an act of solidarity with the bees. I don't buy any honey at all now. Less honey in my house might result in more honey in their house. Humor me on this, okay? 

Anyhow, I imagine my Bee Mail coming to you via a direct, albeit imaginary Beeline, for a limited time only. None of my lovely pomegranate fruit set. I blamed JC's lawn mower; the first fruit grew near the ground. I imagined his mower knocking each one off the little tree. Then I blamed the rain. All the flowers were knocked off the trees by the pounding water. Now I blame a lack of bees. I will write letters with bees on envelopes until the lost and confused bees make a beeline back home to me. Who knows? Maybe there's a bee that reads Bee Mail; could be it will read it and spread the word that there's a limner saying, "Come home. Come home. Come home." If not, then I will have had fun making Bee Mail. So, until then . . .

There's a new Flow on shelves. I made a beeline right to it seconds after crossing the threshold of Barnes & Noble the other dry day. I was there for a recommended book, so, surprise! Was a good thing I had my new members coupons in my bag, or I would have had to wait. Instead, I bought the book and the magazine. Luck was a sister that day.

It's not a favorite issue. I'll tell you why not some other time. Besides, you should judge for yourself if you like it or not. I'm not saying I don't like it. It's just not a favorite. I'll tell you about something else too then, but it's homemade cream of broccoli soup time now! I'm making a beeline to the kitchen as soon as I post this.

Bee well!


  1. you should be well too and I have seen bees here thank goodness that there are still some here and I saw some people raising bees out in the country a couple of weeks ago ...so don't despair all is not lost they will make a comeback im sure . Thank you for caring .

    1. Thanks for your reassurance. Our neighbors use pesticides. We're in what used to be a farming community before the majority of the farmers sold out. Crop dusting planes spread poisons to kill of foliage to make room in the name of "progress." Deer used to migrate through subdivisions. Not any more. Fewer monarchs come through each year. It goes on and on. Thanks for listening.

      I'll shout for joy when I see the first bee of the season. :)