Friday, June 19, 2015

It's Pointless

Trying to explain why I post what I post, when I do post is often pointless. The nibs on my quills make better points. But, as I was cleaning a top shelf in my studio I knocked over one of a pair of these beautiful zebras. I use them as bookends. I caught it in time, saw it needed a good dusting, did it, and walked it into the room where I often write. It wasn't until later, when I was on the phone that I absentmindedly stuck three quills in the mysterious slots on the zebra's body. It appears to be looking at it's odd tail feathers, doesn't it? I thought so, so I left them there. It's a good quill holder. The nibs are protected for now, but I have a feeling the zebra's mate misses it very much. See? I told you from the start that this was pointless.

Okay, maybe not so pointless after all. You see, I was catching up on some blog posts I'd missed reading, and one such blog, has a lovely bird that reminded me of the grosbeak from Anna's notecard and matching stamp. I intended to leave a comment, but I was distracted by a comment someone else left. I followed the commenter to their blog and fell hard. Such a shock to the stomach those photos were/are! I finally left a comment and forgot all about the first blogger's beauty and art. This happens to me a lot. I'm easily distracted when something out of the ordinary catches my attention, and that's saying a lot. In a world where everyone seems to want to do/be like everyone who's trending at the time, original thinkers and doers stand out like super novas. I tend to drift away in their wake. I lose myself. When I come to, I forget what led me. So, this is where I came to tonight:

Once in a while I come to my senses and can't figure out how I got to where I am. No big deal, right? Exactly! Especially not if I enjoy where I regain consciousness. Most times it's just pointless, like trying to understand this "Godzilla" movie no one is watching--I've tried to watch at least six times, and still haven't figured out the plot. But doesn't that food make you want to run away to Ireland for a week of teas? I mean, who makes food like that where I live? Clotted cream? Yes, I've seen it in specialty shops, but what will I slather it on? Hot cornbread? 

Look! They have all the bees too! I haven't seen one since January, back when they were underfoot in all the flowering clover. They flew away to Ireland! Because they have teas and clotted cream there! And that penmanship. "Oldbridge" is it? Well the only bridge in my neck of the world is probably still a new-bridge-underwater. Whoa, Nellie. Back yourself up. Kate sounds familiar with her mood. Her grammar is just better. Dang! if she hasn't stolen some of the sun too. But be still my heart. I've reached the mop post. Time to read. Kate? Write to me? It won't be pointless if you do.

Write on, read on, then write some more. I'm going to write a letter about this moment. Gotta run! Wait! Maybe not. I have to backtrack . . .


  1. I'm blushing and beaming! Delighted you like my blog so much; I've lost my whole Saturday to reading yours! I never knew there was such a thriving community sending beautiful mail. Are there any rules, is it just the envelope that's decorated, or the letter too, do you send other things as well? I'd love to write you and see what An Post (the Irish postal service) makes of an illustrated envelope!

    1. I'm grinning too hard! My cheeks obscure my vision when I do. Indeed I do like your blog. Your photos are amazing! I tried to follow you but I'm not sure I succeeded, so I added your blog to my favorites.

      It's funny that I imagine the world is on to us when, it's just my imagination running away with me. Welcome! Mail art and letter writing is well and thriving. Check some of my favorite bloggers to the right, then check some of their links. You'll be amazed!

      Oh, I'm so glad you responded to my request. I never imagined you would. Not really. Now I'm all finger-tied and wondering if I should hush. And I will, but not before I say there are no concrete rules. Oh. There's one I made. Never show someone's home address if you scan and post letters on your blog, unless you have their permission. But, yes, embellish at will! And please, please, oh please write to me! There's my address to the right. See?

      I had a stack of mail in my post office box today. It altered my mood better than a dose of spring tonic. Just wait and see. The Royal Mail doesn't seem to mind illustrated mail. I'm willing to bet An Post won't either. :) Look! I've learned something from you already: An Post .

      Thanks for commenting. :D See you in the mail!

  2. Great, I'll get my colours out and get (ever so slowly) started. I too get finger/tongue-tied at the most inopportune moments; although I try to hide it by using stranger than necessary words like inopportune...

    1. Dear Kate, don't procrastinate! Just do it. I've seen your work. :) What ever you do will be lovely.

      I don't think inopportune is a stranger than necessary word. :) Honest. At least it's in the dictionary. I can coin a word on a dime and declare myself to be a wordsmith if questioned about its veracity. LOL! Shall we have fun? We won't talk about grammar and punctuation, okay? :D

      Write on!