Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Inky Dinky Do

Old World Iron Gall Ink is my favorite for dip pens. So far. I say that because I have yet to try my tiny bottle of 7gypsies walnut ink, and I don't recall where I put the ink I made from iron gall powder a year ago. I mixed the entire package with distilled water, sealed it tight and forgot about it. I'm pretty sure it will show up soon enough.

While I do like the two Aladine's IZINK Calli & Co. colors I've tried, tourmaline and old gold, they come in second to Old World. Sorry for the glare. I seem to take photographs at the worst time of day, namely late night or early evening. Maybe I should write posts in the mornings? But, if I sit for this in the mornings I get very little else done. 

Enlargement is my friend! It shows my weaknesses and strengths aka where I need to still improve. Ink choices help. So. Although the tourmaline is thin enough it still starts out dark and tapers to light. It's time to hit the books and pore over The Postman's Knock to seek answers. I don't have the same problem with the iron gall. Note the differences between the two words penned with Aladine's ink versus Old World's. Sorry about the unearned practice lines. I'm working on form and consistency before consistent height for lower case letters. I also practice without my glasses ninety-nine percent of the time. I'm not sure why, but I do sit at my desk when I practice, except before bedtime. I liken it to practicing the piano before sleeping because I believe the notes will be the last things I think on before I visit the land of Nod, and they will play themselves over and over and right themselves as they go along without help from me. Then the memories will transfer themselves from my brain, along my nerves, and into my fingers when I wake. Ha! Dream on, huh? If I could write the perfect letters, connect them in a harmonious fashion, make perfect dots, dashes and flourishes, I'd be a machine! (sigh) I have to keep trying while I'm still interested since I tend to lose steam mid-stream on most projects. The same old question always gets my goat: What's the point? Hmm. An image just flashed across the sky of my mind. Imagine being the first human to take a stick and poke it in the sand. Another human standing next to you looks at the mark you've just made, erases it with a foot, and asks, "What's the point?" The first human looks at the second human and says, "That's exactly my point." 

Or . . . Does the first human make a new mark in the sand and answer in return, "That's my point."?

Inky dinky do! Old World iron gall ink, I like you.

Shot taken through the passenger side window. 

A side view.

A direct view. 

I'm not sure if I like the rain drops more than the car. 

Mail! Lots of mail. Collected after I mailed a package, a letter, and postcards. All in all? A good swap. I'm going in with a bottle of cleanser, a toothbrush, and a cleaning rag one of these days! 

I sat in the car and read all the great letters in a leisurely fashion, thinking I'd out-sit the rain. It eventually slackened, so I ran more errands: 1) a trip to Aaron Bro. ISO The General's cork nib pen (no luck), 2) picked up two prescriptions, 3) bought seaweed salad, bread, and . . . other food necessaries. I discovered another letter an hour ago! Unread! What a lovely way to end the day. Thank you!

Sling some ink! Put it in an envelope. Slap on a stamp and let it go! M-a-a-ke some happier!


  1. You have such a nice car and what a lovely way to run errands !!! what a nice thing to find a stack of mail in your lovely po box . I have never tried the gall iron inks I have heard a lot about them but have never tried them something else to make a list of to do . thanks for an awesome blog again take care my dear .

    1. Why thank you! I drive it for post office runs only. The Lincoln is in the back yard. :) I saw all that mail and my face almost split from grinning! My neighbors complain about getting only jump and bills but don't listen when I try to tell them how cool letters are. It takes just one, right?

      It took me months to use the two brands I have, so now I want to kick myself for waiting so long to seriously try them out. Everything happens in its season. I can smell the iron on my fingers and nibs. It's a lot like iron and a little like blood. And the Winsor & Newton sepia has a heady scent. I hope you will try the inks as a summer project when it's too hot to do much of anything else. :)

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. what are those little dots on your car windows?

    1. Oh, Pamela! They're tear drops. Salty tear drops. (sigh)