Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm Expecting . . .

I ate my first fig of the season today. Filled with great expectations, I've kept an eye out for  signs of ripening for over a week now. The early birds beat me to the first fruit! They beat me to the muscadines too! My clue? Purple grape skins on the patio! I wish you could see the crepe myrtles! Branches bowing under the weight of the fisted buds and blooms are something to see. And, the green grapes are almost gone. They're the same color as their leaves, meaning they hide in plain sight, so you need to keep careful watch to beat your competition for the first fruits. The same goes with telling the difference between sepia and bronze. I declared I had a bottle of bronze calligrapher's ink in the other post when I didn't. I expected it to be, since it was in the space marked "bronze." Okay, I  blame Texas Art Supply for this one, but I still expect great things from the pretty rainbow palette-sepia in the middle.  Expect colorful envelopes from me this summer. 

This is sepia. It's also me showing off how much I've improved in less than a week of diligent practice. The ink almost looks black doesn't it? Stumped-I-was until the good Lindsey, over at unstumped me without me having to ask how come. She thinks of everything! It's the gum arabic that causes the deepening, but I like it, and the sheen. And I like learning something new when I'm learning how to do something new.

I expected this to look better than it does in this weak shot, yet I'm just as proud as if it's perfect. See? I'm getting better, aren't I? It's fun using pens and nibs I've had over a decade. 

When I bought small butcher trays the first few times I expected they'd be put to use holding pastels. Smaller trays were for watercolor. I never expected they'd have a whole other use. This little guy protects and serves. No more drips on quilts and clothes! Things don't roll! And cleaning up is a cinch. Swipe, rinse, and wipe!

New and old kids on the block. Do you use them? Are they to your liking?

Her Nibs, that's myself, has nibs tucked away in unusual places too, like Altoids and Newman's Own Organics mints tins. See? I knew I was hoarding saving them for a reason! A butcher's tray with the necessaries make life easier. Ready? Set? Oops! Where's the water?!? Distilled for me.

Red stationery covered in ink, sealed, and cast on the postal sea, travels like red sails in a sunset. Better yet, I believe that if I cast my letters across the waters, I will receive letters in return. Or so I expect. I'll know for sure soon enough. 

. . . to be continued.


  1. I must say that you have beautiful handwriting. I was just re-reading a letter you sent me awhile back. I am in awe.

    1. Thank you, I think yours is lyrical AND beautiful! Have you noticed how much of ourselves is revealed in our handwriting? My calligraphy isn't much different from my regular writing. :( If practice will change it, then I'll keep practicing. :)

      Goodness me! Don't be awed. I don't deserve it, although I am touched by your compliment. Please? :) Have you checked out The Postman's Knock? (sigh) :)

      Be well.