Sunday, June 28, 2015

Great Expectations: A Red Letter Day

I loved yesterday's storm. There's one tonight. Somewhere close. I hear the thunder as clear as day. I wish it would rain again. It's night. Yesterday, Alex and his oldest sister were in the pool during that storm. I thought their mom would get them inside, but she wasn't home; I didn't see the van when I checked. So I grab a white shirt off the hanger in the laundry room, covered my head, opened the doors and make a dash for the fence, shouting "Fatima? Fatima? Y'all need to go inside! It's dangerous to be in the pool! You could get struck by lightning!" Someone, not Fatima answered in a confused voice, "Okay." but I could see through the fence slats that they weren't moving--but were looking around like they were hearing spirits they couldn't see instead. I had to do a repeat! Alex never said a word, he just crouched in the pool! Surely someone has taught them that thunder and lightning go hand in hand? But then again, he and his dad sought shelter beneath a live oak once.

Rain is a perfect white noise for writing. No, not just "It was a dark and stormy night" kind of writing. I'm including letters, and writing-words-for-practice kind of writing. Ah! There goes the thunder again! I'll know that it's near if we lose power or satellite. Too often it'll storm a few blocks away while everywhere else is powder-dry. 

Here I am, showing off again. Vain me. I don't mind showing the good, bad, and ugly as long as I'm improving. Since I am on a mission.

I am. I know, I know . . . Keep practicing.

Practice . . . with a red as red as lacquer! Or crimson. 

. . . to be continued.


  1. You are doing great! I have nibs, ink, and a nib holder, I just need to find the time to practice. Maybe in a few weeks when I am though with this website re-do for a client. I have lots of letters awaiting replies, too.

    1. :))) Thank you, dear Jackie! You and Randall inspired me to improve my skills, and while I still like monoline nibs, I'm having a wonderful time experimenting. It's the perfect summer project.

      I look forward to sharing this path with you. Take your time. I've taken time from three days to read all the blogs I read, and leave comments. Sometimes I forget just how many paths I follow! I have letters to answer as well, but there's always time for what we enjoy. If we take our time.

      Be well.

  2. Replies
    1. Aww, gee, thanks! Your comments encourage me to improve. I'm gaining on you! :) You and Jackie inspire me to push through the barriers.

  3. yes you are doing great and I like it .

    1. Thanks. You're on my great expectations list!