Wednesday, June 17, 2015

At This Point

. . . I just need to write. So here we go.

I forget where I came across this but at this point it can't have come to me by chance. I don't want to talk or read or draw, and there's no more basketball. Even in darkness there is light. See the dark orange? The light yellow? The white? I'm right? So . . .  Who knew I'd need this little quote to help me express myself? Hmm. 

I'm still a mood, moody, mo-o-ody woman today! Who loves me? Jerry Butler and Charlie Pride do, that's who. Last night I happily wrapped, drew, markered, wrote, sealed and stamped for a mail run today. 

By eight this morning I knew it wouldn't happen. I hoped Hurricane Bill would be cause to cancel my doctor's appointment. What a waste of hope. In the end I'm glad I went. I'm sorry the birthday gifts will be another day late.

This is how much fun I had. I drew a rooster. A male chicken?

Deliberate mistakes are not mistakes. They're winks. They're too often overlooked, but they're forever fun.

One thing can lead to another. For instance. I read Pamela's post today. It's here just in case: which reminded me of this. You get it, don't you? You do if you ever played "Draw Something" on your iPad with a stranger or someone you knew. I was addicted. I haven't played in over a year though. Sometimes I miss it. My pencil is often as heavy as my pen. I have to draw to lighten the load.

This is still a favorite. You get it at this point. Right? 

Do you have a local calligraphy guild? Houston does. I wanted to join. I Googled. I discovered. I asked myself, "What's the point in wanting?" It's too far away. Most teachers offer online classes only. What nerve! And who's willing to pay $175? 

Have you read No Stationery RequiredOkay. At this point you should stick me with a fork 'cause I'm done. Serve me as a side of corn(y). Besides, I have letters to answer and calligraphy to practice. I finally finished The Miniaturist. Not sure I'd recommend it. Or maybe it's just me. The idea had such potential. I've moved on to finish one of the three books I started then put aside, namely The Bees. There are new stamps that need using on postcards too. Never put off writing a letter today that could make someone's tomorrow. Write on.

Wait! Remember me telling you how a great graphic designer is defined as great? Read this if you haven't, then tell me what you think. Why not simply read the whole thing? Then write on.


  1. oh my I did nt like the miniaturist that much either could not stand some of the charecters and frankly it was drudgery to try and finish it . Nope it was awful and I m glad I was not alone in my thoughts about it . thanks and congrats on your golden state warriors winning the trophy and doesn't player curry have the cutest daughter she is so cute , have you seen any of the clips of her ?

    1. LOL! I suggested reading an excerpt first. The first chapter led me on a merry chase that ended in disappointment and upset. I'm glad I waited for the paperback version. Did the identity of the miniaturist come as a surprise? What about Marin's fate? The book read like someone took bits and pieces from research and tried to flesh out a story. I learned tidbits of history and . . . Tell me how a seventeen-year-old became so smart in a matter of months? Oh, never mind. LOL.

      I because a Golden State fan after Houston lost and the team to beat became Cleveland's. :)

      That was my first view of Riley, whom I thought was a son. Children that young are subject to too-loud noise and being trampled . . . Riley should have been home in bed. LOL. No, I've never seen clips of her.

  2. How about some online classes? I saw a calligraphy one recently that looked good. If I wrack my brains I may remember which one it was. Thanks for the link to my blog but a comment would be extra nice, my friend. You have more rain and we are still hoping....stay safe.

    1. Thanks but no thanks. Houston offers mainly online classes. I wanted to be part of a classroom setting with real people. I'm a loner who needs to mingle more. :) My friends aren't interested in calligraphy, so maybe I should find a friend who is?

  3. I read No Stationery Required and am also putting a link to it as soon as I write my darn post which I began last night. Sometimes, a person just gets stuck. Love that wrapping paper you used on your package. Somebody is going to be very happy.

    1. Thank you for doing that. It's worth reading, isn't it? Letters are powerful things. They're fun and people get to tell someone how they honestly feel without fear of exposure or judgment. I know how it feels to have a diagnosis loom over your life, and casts a shadow that cuts you off from others.

      Yes, sometimes we get stuck. :)

      That paper is a remnant from a sheet I bought for journal covers. It was the perfect size for the box. I hope it makes up for being late. :)

      Be well.