Monday, June 8, 2015

All Prejudices Aside . . .

. . . when it comes to criticizing America, I say, "It's your right as an American." But when you generalize, and include all of us in this context: ". . . It was desperately hard to make ends meet in Russia; crime was rampant and food shortages endemic. America wasn't easy, either: It was a tough, often heartless place, and I was lonely and depressed." Well, you wake the sleeping citizen in me. 

Another whiner who thinks America is the land of milk and honey, believes our streets are paved with gold for the taking, and has the gall to criticize the country that gives him all the things he didn't get in his birth country . . . Well, he can just bite my biscuit. 

This is what I get for reading a paper . . . Okay. I read The Atlanta Journal-Constitution back in the day when I lived in the Carolinas, and it was not a hyphenated name. Please don't ask why, but chances are great that it was for the same reasons I still read the Sunday Times when I have never been to New York. Wait. I read "foreign" newspapers for the book reviews! Yes, that's it. The book reviews. So, my ire was up after I read "The Silence of Snail Mail." Anything I spy about letters and mail sets off my say-dar. I'll read it and say what I think.  It was the graphic image that caught my attention; then I felt a little sad for ole what's his name for not having such freedoms allowed us by the NSA. Ha! Here you go. Read it for yourself: 

Say what he will about us, I will not tolerate a privileged whiner who . . . No matter. Some of what he says about Russian e-mail is just as true, for me, about snail mail. I can't see much past that red flag though! Americans are not heartless! Well, not all of us are. In fact, we have more heart than any other country in the world. We took you in, didn't we?

On to other mail things. Here's a piece of postal eye candy. And the birds! Oh, the birds! 

I had a great day after the night I had. "Game of Thrones" just knocked me over and tried to kick me under the bed last night! I was grateful for spoiler alerts, since, had I not read the shocker beforehand, I would have screamed and fainted or something. And the ending! Oh, my imagination soared and roared, roared and soared and sang at the ending! Oh-oh-oh! I just glanced over my shoulder and saw the most awesome scene from "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." All those white flowers reminded me of The Book of Strange New Things. The book won't let go of me. "Penny Dreadful" was a thigh-slapper too. My feelings for Vanessa change so rapidly I often forget if I like her or dislike her from one week to another.  (sigh)

I woke earlier than normal for a Monday. It happened to be the perfect day to restock food. A big bowl of sliced radishes and cucumbers is quite filling as a meal, but not for two days in a row. Being in WFM in the morning was a new experience. I never go there before eleven, a habit formed such a long time ago that I have trouble breaking it. Different people shop at different times of the day. Did you know that? I rather like the late morning crowd. They're calmer. And nicer. Or maybe their caffeine hasn't quite worn off yet. 

I bought beautiful food, a new tea, no cheese, and no prepared quinoa, but two quarts of their delicious fish stew, couscous and kale salad for later. It was a leisurely time spent on my needs. Shopping done, retracing my route in reverse, I picked up two prescriptions, and mailed three of the four letters tucked inside my bag. The post office was busy as usual; someone left their key in their box. The box was wide open and empty. Should I have left the keys or turned them in to an employee? Anyway . . . I brought the fourth letter home again. I didn't count them as I slipped them in the slot! My life really is a round trip with ups and downs. A particular "up" is I like band-aids with super heroes. Oh. And big words like POW! I bought a new box. Will share with Alex as usual. Two other "ups?" I practice calligraphy every night, and I prefer tribal ink over scarification. A third: Doodling relaxes me. 

I have chosen my summer project. Illumination! I've wanted to do it since I first learned what it was. It was such a long time ago. Remember "The Name of the Rose?" Such a movie; I've seen it maybe four times. Imagine being a monk whose job was illuminating and copying words all day. I cannot imagine illuminating an envelope that might get tossed, so the art form will be saved for a Christmas journal I plan to make for a friend. 

What's on your summer list of things to finally do? I hope "do fantastic things to write about" is number one.

Write well, and often.

Be well.


  1. Oh my what a beautifully written blog ...I thoroughly savored every word you wrote and my dear what a fascinating hobby illumination . I will pick up mazie and the miniaturist this weekend and will start them too and of course you know I will give it a go over and a review .Be well and stay well my dear friend .

    1. Thank you. You are too kind, my friend. There was a story on the news this morning about a woman who has given up on finding a matching donor for a double organ transplant. She plans to "do" all the things on her bucket list instead. I don't want to wait to do all the things I want to do until I might possibly have to choose between life and doing. So, illumination is how I'll kick off my summer. I started practice last night. :)

      Did you read excerpts from the two books? Not that excerpts are always great gauges. I look forward to your review of both.

    2. oh my I think she should if she can do all of them and live like today is her last day on earth and I think all of us should live like that don't you agree ?
      I started a blog like that some time ago but could not publish it because I did not know if it would strike a chord to someone or not you know what I mean ? I totally get what you are saying about waiting and not having to choose . wow we are really getting in depth with our blogs and convos huh , I love it . take care my friend and stay cool , well and safe and yes there is something to be said for homeschooling children .

    3. I have to think about living like it's my last day on Earth. If I knew the day was my last one ever, I'd probably choose to do nothing more than examine each moment, sort of savor the changes as I'm experiencing them. I wouldn't mind dying alone--just slipping away the way I slipped in, except for Dr. Stockade, his nurse and my mom. You've got me wondering if some people prefer to go without someone clinging and crying and trying to keep them here when all they want is to go.

      I'm a slow sometimes, so no, I don't think I quite understand what you mean about the blog you didn't publish. I followed several bloggers who were dying, and cherished every post. I was shocked when a daughter wrote that one had passed. You couldn't tell she was slipping away. Okay, I'm probably off topic so it's time to stop. Tell me what you meant, okay?

  2. Illuminating sounds fun! I too like bandaids with fun, kid images on them. lol! I'm in the same boat as you-I want to do more fun stuff to write about! I've been in a writing funk lately and lost my mojo mainly due to the fact that I've been uber busy, but also because who wants a letter that talks about me driving to baseball games, watching baseball games, washing uniforms, yelling at the kids about not losing their baseball equipment and cleats, going to work, doing more laundry and dishes because apparently my children do not notice clutter or dirty dishes. They would prefer to eat cereal out of a cup than wash a bowl. True story.

    1. I think it is. Those monks had imagination and some wonderful reference materials.

      I wore a POW! bandaid yesterday. LOL. Before that it was the Hulk. Someone should make tattoo bandaids. Well, bandaids that look like tattoos. :)

      We get how busy gets in the way of posting. Life is what we write about, right? I think that's why we have more time to write in winter. :) I'm smiling because you just shared a glimpse of your days in a comment. See? :) I haven't done any of those things in a long time but you took me back to the days when I did. Thanks for visiting!