Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Case in Points

I've had a downer of a weekend, so try to imagine how high my joy meter upped itself after I followed a hunch, peeked through the drapes and discovered a cute box on the stoop. Not much, if I'm honest. I'd forgotten Amazon's promise to deliver this today. It could have waited until Monday. 

Now that I've used it, I'm glad it's here. Trying it out for the third time took me to a better place. Repetitive actions can be soothing. Thank you, Kuretake. 

I remembered to take a photo of the brush before it drank. See? It's nylon. The cap has a spring you can feel inside but not see. I think it holds a cap that keeps the tip from drying out when the pen is not in use. I do like the red. I bought it for the color, and to have an extra such pen on hand. 

I remember when I didn't know which end was which. It's hard to believe it was probably two years ago. The little ball prevents one from refilling the cartridge, but I'm not sure I'd want to. The pen comes with three cartridges, and refills aren't expensive.

I should have used a camera instead of my phone but my mood got in the way. Both pens have impressive bodies, clips and caps; the logos are the same; the differences are noticeable the moment you pick them up but don't matter much . The black has a secure heft that somehow feels balanced. The red pen almost feels light-as-air. Aluminum in air. I never use clips so I all I can say about these is the red's is tighter, sturdy--while the black's . . .  Okay. I'm going to try both. 

Hmm. They are definitely different. The black's holds tighter, while the red's is easier to slip from the pocket. I don't carry pens in my shirt pockets though, so . . .  

The points are quite different since the nibs are different. Both pens have ridges above the gold bands. They are barely noticeable so I cannot say if they affect one's grip. I'm infatuated. Eye-liner brushes should be this great.

The differences are subtle except for their heft and the amount of ink flow. I wish you could try both. 

Two lovelies, yes? Both make drawing and writing more pleasurable. Create your own calligraphy style in style! Flourish to your heart's delight! Lay down hairline marks that make your mouth water. Both pens make you look better at creating artistic lines than you really are! Because you really do brush the surface of your paper; you skim across-up-down and lift off into the air at the end. Oh, what a pen!

Playing around is fun. Testing widths as you go is like putting on a show just for you. You are your worst and best critic. Nothing and everything counts because you make the rules. 

Getting to know y-o-uuu. Getting to know all about yo-o-o-u! Is called practice. Play. Having a good day.

New pens should have a new place to rest. Yes? Lined inside, but only the top and bottom.  

Such a pretty pretty. A lovely case in point. A case for keeping pens with nibs that make points. And the point of it all? I hope you'll try one too. Kuretake brush pens are always on point.

Two letters went out yesterday. I forgot to include something so . . . 

We had a late eat at our favorite cafe; the food was a downer for the first time ever; the last slice of carrot cake tasted like the last piece too . . . Okay. It wasn't the best meal, and I have had worse, but at least I had food. Perhaps my environment was created by my mood. You'd think I knew better. Everyone is down once in a while; it just seems worse when it's been a long time between bouts, making it more noticeable. Tomorrow's another chance to do better. You can believe I'm going to take advantage of a chance at a do-over. How about you? How was your weekend?

Dang! I forgot to mail a birthday gift. I forgot this again! Please. Follow the link. It will make you feel real good, because it will remind you of just how happy we make people who don't get many letters unless we write. Now I feel better!

Write more letters. It'll make you feel better. 


  1. what a wonderful post thank you so much for lifting my spirits today . It is so hot outside not complaining loving it compared to snow and ice . I love the sunshine it just lifts you up and makes you happy . well take care and stay safe my friend .

    1. It's a hot morning? Now that's some kind of hot! Hydration is key; stay in or keep to the shade. :)

      Stay cool and carry on. ;)

      Be well.

  2. I was very down this weekend. Comma comma down dooby do down down.
    But I wrote letters this morning.

  3. You're good for what ailed me. :) Thanks.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the downer weekend but how happy to have pen therapy and what an acquisition too. I've finally gotten around to writing letters and yours will go out in tomorrow's post so be on the lookout....

    1. Thanks, Mrs. D. I can't seem to shake this bout of blues. There's no reason for it that I have figured out.

      I forgot to go to the lab for blood work to check thyroid levels because I walked on air after a visit with the new orthopedist. I treated myself to a meal at my favorite cafe, but got it to go instead of eating there. I sat in my favorite spot and read in the best chair; the wing back had no appeal for once. Food is cooked fresh, so there's a nice wait time. I kept reading some of the same sentences over and over. Everyone around me talked too much, too loudly, and cheerfully. :)

      On my way home I missed my turn, drove tens of miles out of my way and had to double back. The food was cold and not appetizing by the time I got home. It was my first meal of the day. No appetite, not even for tea.

      Doc called in a new prescription. I didn't feel like driving to the pharmacy, which means I didn't stop at the post office either. Now I wish I had. I will check for your letter tomorrow. :) Maybe I'll see the sun again then. It put in a cameo appearance just before sunset. Hurricane Bill was a major light hog.

      Melancholia. I just diagnosed myself. Golden State won the NBA Finals. I should be happy. Maybe I am and just need the sun. Well, for every thing there is a season. Maybe 'tis mine for melancholy. :)

      Be well. Thanks for listening.