Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What's Black and White and Read?

I shared this sweet pad with you in an earlier post, and here it is again. There's just something about it . . . 

If you fold it just right you'll like it even more, especially if you have square envelopes to "dance" with. square dance is a dance for four couples (eight dancers) arranged in a square . . . Haha! I wrote four pages. 

Once you go black, it's hard to go back to plain old-plain old. Plus you get to use your white Gelly Rolls a whole lot more.

Hack a stack of "Instant Art Note Pad" pages, fold them in stages, and ta-da!, you've square danced! 'Tis as easy as the Texas Two-step.

Five letters left home today. Why five. Because I have five fingers on each hand? Because neighbor Myrna high-fived me? Noh? Oh. I see. It's the cinco of Mayo. So. What's black and white and read? Mail, of course!


  1. that looks like it was fun and thanks for sharing with us .

  2. Thank you, it was. Staying put does not have to be a whiner. Honest. :) I'm getting mail answered, some from as far back as last year, and there's still time to make things. Scanning will happen soon. I get as good as I give.

  3. hi there got your letter today sending one back out tomorrow . Get well soon my dear .

    1. :) Take your time. I haven't been able to drive to the pob yet. Maybe tomorrow. Expect a book soon.

      Be well.